Saturday, May 25, 2013


GUYS. I'm starting to get to the freaking out stage of this whole Phlebotomy thing. I decided in November that I wanted to certify as a Phlebotomist, which is what the person who draws your blood is called. And in March? I want to say it was March... I registered and paid for my class and everything.

It starts in a week and a day.

I'm getting to the freaking out stage. I've never poked anyone with a needle or anything... so... hopefully this works out for me! I'm sure even if it feels weird at first, it'll become like second nature. Since... I'll be doing it all day, errday. HOPEFULLY. That's the plan, anyway.

Also, just a heads up, I'll be extra busy the entire month of June. I feel like I'll be home almost never. BECAUSE.

I'll still be working the same schedule as I am now. Which, is pretty much everyday. Except Wednesdays and every other weekend.

Then I'll have class Monday-Thursday from 6-9pm.

And the school is like... I want to say around 30 minutes away. Or it probably will be since I'll be driving there during rush hour...

And I'll be going to bed pretty much right when I get home, because I have to be to work at 6:30am still...

And Guppy is being born.

And I'll have to teach in there somewhere.

And there will probably be homework or reading of some sort.

I feel like there will be both...

It's gonna be a crazy five weeks for this girl. But I'll try, I'll try SO HARD to still give my blog some regular lovin'.

I haven't really blogged for about a week? Maybe a few days longer than that; and it's giving me all the sad feels. Because, I love you guys! And it's great to blog. I love it.


That's the explanation to my possible absence/ less frequent posts.


Anyway, have a lovely weekend!

     Reille K.

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