Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Night Fun!

I've actually read a couple books since Wuthering Heights, I just don't want to talk about them right now. Anyways, last night, well really yesterday. I sat on my couch basically all day, in pain. And so by the time it was getting to hanging out hours, my parents were on their way out to their own shindig and my mom said I really needed to get out of the house. So I texted all my friends that I generally hang out with and some that I haven't seen in months!, and all of them were a) babysitting b) working c) had plans with family. Then LUCAS! texted me back and was free! Super exciting. So I went and picked him up, and then we made our way to Jamba Juice! Weellll, one of those friends that I mentioned before? Worked at Jamba and I didn't even know it! So that was a fun time. Anyways, after we had gotten our smoothies, we went to Windsor Park and were swingin' away! Then we noticed all these NASTY, HUGE beetles. Everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Apparently they are called Cottonwood Stag Beetles and they look like this:
Yuck. Lucas of course was playing with them and I screamed every time they came anywhere near me. What can I say? Bugs are bugs and I especially hate them. There are few bugs that I would ever play with. One of which is the bug  that looks like a leaf! Just like this guy->
Now those, those are cool bugs. Anyways, then we went to the playground and we were pirates for a little bit, then I decided to lay on the bridge and it was a little sprinkle-y. We were both like, enh. It's not bad. Then, all of a sudden, it was like, BAM. Pouring rain! So great. I love the rain! And so of course I walked at my naturally slow pace back to the car! I ended up getting super soaked. No big! We got back to the car and we decided to go back to my house. And then, by the time we got to my house, the rain stopped. lame. So we went inside and watched a "scary" movie. It was Poltergeist, made in 1982. It was more funny than scary and an all around good time. Here's the cover for ya:

     Anyways, good times last night! Just felt like I should blog about it. As my blogging might come in handy some day. :)

P.S. You should definitely watch Poltergeist. Please do.
P.P.S. HAPPY SHARK WEEK!!!!! You should for sure try to get in at least three hours of shark week watching. I would think you're super cool if you watched it as much as I did, but most people have a life. So, no big if you don't. But you should try, sharks are thee most magnificent creatures.
Just look at him! He's so cool! Sharks are so great!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not your average love triangle!

book #9- Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Not the cover of the version I read, but this is definitely my favorite. I really like it, my kinda style. :)

Wuthering Heights is not just a love triangle, it's one big hot mess. Everyone's in love with everyone and it's crazy. And the weirdest part? They're pretty much all related. The book is basically Nelly (the housekeeper/nurse... lady) telling Mr. Lockwood (a tenant at the Grange) the whole story of Heathcliff. So really, you're reading it almost as if Nelly is telling the story to you. The beginning of the story is when Heathcliff is a little boy and comes to live with the Earnshaws and ends pretty much when he dies, so it's a pretty long stretch of time that gets put into one book. I don't really know how to summarize it, mostly because so many many things are going on at the same time and it's all just a crazy mess that you can't summarize without spoiling the whole thing. I think I would recommend this book. It's definitely interesting. If the romance doesn't do it for ya, then learning more about the culture from that time period might! It certainly was fun for me to learn about. And I asked my dad sooo many questions about what they did and such, it was great. Anyways, my next book is The Grapes of Wrath, which is set in the depression...? I believe... so hopefully it's a good one.

(Sorry everything is so gray and dull! But I reaaaally liked that cover!!!) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

One of the few books that I've started and never finished...

Book #8: The Catcher in the Rye by: J.D. Salinger

This book. I could not even read it. It was so incredibly boring that I just had to stop. I mean, I've read boring books before (the old man and the sea) but I only read those because it was absolutely required as it was a class read book. And this? I made it to page thirty before completely giving up. It was basically about this kid who complained about everything and everyone around him. Thend. That's all that happened in THIRTY pages! So, I quit reading it and am now in the midst of Wuthering Heights. Which, needless to say, is a much better book. Also, prolly needless to say, I don't recommend this book. At all. Not even a little.  Have a good day!

Be kind to one another!

Of Mice and Men

book #7?: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

So Lennie and George go from farm to farm to work. Mostly because Lennie is mentally handicapped, from what I gather, and just makes mistakes that happen to make other people angry. Also, Lennie really likes to pet soft things and always seems to kill them... oops. So it begins with them on their way to yet another job and George is really just fed up with Lennie by now. But he still keeps him around and looks out for him. They get to the farm and George tells Lennie not to talk to anyone so they don't realize what's really going on. Anyways, there are puppies, talks of dreams, makin' money, and so forth. There is also this really... promiscuous lady who is married and she ends up dead... anyways! There is a commotion and George ends up killing Lennie in the end. Sad day, right?

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book, actually. It was really quite boring, it had an excessive amount of swearing and I just didn't see much of a point to the book as a whole. I slogged my way through it, simply because I had to read four books off the AP reading list for my summer reading or whatnot and it was only about 100 pages. Although, it is a classic and maybe you could get more out of it than I did. Maybe I just missed the message?

P.S. I actually wrote and published this post when I realized that I had put the wrong author... umm, it was only really depressing and made me feel dumb because, well, look at the picture of the book that I used... the authors name is bigger than the title. Oopsie!

Just a little post about my day.

So many things have been going through my mind lately, and somehow when I got on my blog approximately three hours ago? I just so happened to start blog surfing. It was great and fun and I discovered that this person I've always admired from mostly afar has a blog. It just so happens to be a boy! yes, boys are often the objects of my admiration. And he was talking about how boring his blog is and blah blah blah, which was really weird to me because I was laughing OUT LOUD at his blog. Is that how my blog is when I talk about things other than books? I mean, I guess it could be like that when I talk about books, but not as much, since I'm talking about the fake experiences of people who don't generally exist... since I mostly read fiction.

This summer I've spent a lot of time alone, as it's the first time I've been the only one living at my house besides the lovely people who made me. This alone time is what I always thought I wanted, but honestly? It's a little lonely. I've found that I talk to the dogs much more than I ever have before, does that seem more abnormal than usual? But on the bright side of this loneliness, I've been able to reflect on my life a whole bunch and figure out a little bit more of who I REALLY am. I don't know that I can put into words the things that I've learned quite yet, but I'm working on it.

Another thing that's developed this summer, is that I seem to absolutely have to write everything down. Really. I get upset when there isn't paper and writing utensil nearby. Not that anyone else really knows how upset I get, but on the insides, I'm upset.
ANYWAYS, now that I've blogged about basically nothing, Imma go buy some milk so I can finally have my long awaited mac and cheese! Which is depressing, as now that my parents have bought it for me, I'm starting a cleanse on monday. And I can't eat normal pasta or milk. So... yeah, but it will be there for me when I'm done! :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The madness is coming to an end.

book #6: Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison by: Brandon Mull

So, this is when everything comes together. It's the end of the Fablehaven Series, and everything has been leading up to the ending of this book. It's crazy sauce what happens, andit makes perfect sense. I don't think it really needs a summary, as you wouldn't read this book without having read all four of the other books. So hopefully you've made it this far! As always, I recommend this book!

Lions, Tigers, and... Dragons? Oh... my?

book #5: Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary by: Brandon Mull

So, I find these dragons to be a smidge weird-lookin'. But you know, not really my place to say anything. And... that has nothing to do with the contents of the book. So, the gang is led to a place called Wyrmroost. It's a dragon sanctuary, no big. Just a place filled with dragons that paralyze you with fear if you look at them, unless you're a dragon tamer. Which are super special people, by the way. And if Seth and Kendra hold hands, they become one, it's super cool. Which reminds me, in one of the books, I don't recall which one, they go to the Lost Mesa, which is another secret preserve like Fablehaven and recover another artifact. Strange that I forgot that. Anywho, before they go to Wyrmroost, they have to find a unicorn's third horn (they have three throughout their entire life, just a side note) as that's the key to get in to Wyrmroost. The closest one just happens to be the heart of Grunhold, which is where the Centaurs live at Fablehaven, and just a clue, they are all super jerks. They wouldn't let them borrow it, but they got the horn anyways... no spoilers as to how! They make their way to Wyrmroost and have a limited amount of time to get what they need and get out. Kendra meets a fairy dragon (his egg was cared for by the fairy queen... it's explained in the book) and he helps throughout the rest of the series. They make it out alive and they got what they went there to get... which was the key to the artifact at another secret preserve... which I didn't mention... but anyways, crazy things happen towards the end of this book that will just make you crazy.

My recommendation stays the same, I recommend this boooooooooook! The things that go down in this book, are nuts. Romance transpires, friends are lost (lost in the way you lose the keys not lost as in lost forever, I think...) and interesting twists are made in the plot. I seem to be forgetting a lot in my summaries, which is either good, so I don't ruin the book; or bad because you'll get confused because I told you about the wrong things. But I hope you enjoy!

Dark times are among us, my friends.

book #4: Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague by: Brandon Mull

In this book, Kendra and Seth are obviously back at Fablehaven, since that's where all the action is. But this time, something is amiss. Seth is the first to notice that some the the fairies are turning dark and  a few even attack him in the yard. Gradually, more and more creatures of light are becoming dark. All in all, a shadow plague has struck Fablehaven. The creatures are turning evil and they can't figure out what is happening. One night, as the brownies who fix things around the house, turn evil, they basically attack and try to kill all the Sorenson's. They get out and somehow make it to the shrine of the Fairy Queen. Which is the only safe place in all of Fablehaven that can't be harmed or touched by the Shadow Plague. They chill there for a little, and then they develop a plan. Oh! Did I mention that they brought Patton Burgess back from the past? He can only stay for three days, but that's just long enough to cure the shadow plague and for him to get to know the situation and the people who will be fighting the battles that he definitely helps out during, even though he's deader than dead. So, like I said, they hatched a plan, a crazy plan, that definitely worked. And they saved Fablehaven, once again. 

Well, that summary was a little shorter, just because I don't want to give away the adventure. This adventure just so happens to stay on the preserve for the most part, but it's still a great one. I think my recommendation is a little bit redundant at this point, because if you've come this far in the series, you can't stop yourself now. At least, that's my hope. :D But, just for the sake of saying it, I recommend this book! So read it. Now. Go. Read. It's definitely worth it. 

Now there are artifacts to protect, eh?

book #3: Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star by: Brandon Mull

So in this book, the craziness really begins. A man poses as a friend and happens to get Seth and Kendra to steal a demon from a safehouse. This demon has to be fed to be moved and if he bites you, he will kill you. He just keeps growing and growing, and eventually, he's going to kill you. He's an interesting demon, and I forget his name. So anyways, the kids realize he's with the Society of the Evening Star (which, I don't think I've mentioned yet, they are trying to destroy all the preserves-like Fablehaven- so that all magical creatures/demons/general magical hobos can run free, not good) so they flee back to Fablehaven ASAP. To get there, a woman named Vanessa shows up, who they've never met before, and races them to the preserve. Once there, they meet Coulter and Tanu. A little introduction? Vanessa is a mystical creature trapper and has a billion and a half animals of all sorts. Coulter is a magical relics collector and expert, he has amulets and such out the kazoo and has this nifty glove that makes you invisible, if you don't move, that is. And Tanu, he's a potion master, which is slightly self-explanatory, but something cool, he has a potion that can turn you into like... a mist? if that's even a good way to explain it...anyways, he's a pretty chill dude. So yeah, those are the specialists that were sent to help the Sorenson's find one of the hidden artifacts or rather protect it... I wouldn't want to give away too much, so I'll just say that Seth saves the day eventually, and they get the artifact and it falls into the hands of someone who they think is a friend, but may end up actually being the foe. You'll have to read the whole series to find out if The Spinx is the good cop or the bad cop. 

Just as the first book, I for sure think you should read this book. It's filled with even more magical creatures that just drive me crazy, and I really wish they were real! But unfortunately, they probably aren't. Only in my dreams I guess. The adventures really begin in this book and the writing isn't noticeably juvenile in this installment. In the first book, I could definitely tell it was written for kids; but in the second, I was able to just read, and not be distracted by the writing style. Definitely an upgrade. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is just for Arynn.

Look Arynn, do you see me blogging about you? Well here it is.

     Here's the Story:
     Last night, I was gearing up to whip out a few more book posts, when my mom yells down to me, "Will you take Fritz on a walk?" And I immediately said, "No, I don't want to,". But then I felt bad and said, "Just let me pee!". So I quickly urinated and slipped on my flip flops and got a leash. We began our little excursion and Arynn texted me back! to let me know that she could move the feathers that she put in my hair. And I was like, well, I'm here. She lives like two seconds away from me and Fritz and I were right next to her house when she responded. So Fritz was babysat by one of the little neighbors and I went on in to get the feather surgery done. Arynn put them in so good the first time that it took her about 50 unsuccessful tries and like, ten minutes to not get them out of my hair. Then her dad gave it a try, and he got them out eventually and won the contest. Then she got the feathers moved and joined Fritz and I on our little jaunt. We walked around the block and then ended up back at Arynn's to then sit on the grass for a long while. It was a lot of sitting and attacks from her little sisters, but was rudely interrupted by the sprinkler's not getting us wet. Turns out they were the sprinklers in the bushes. But at that point, I was pretty done and Fritz was getting antsy. So we then made our way home. I woke up this morning and gave Fritz a bath and it was then that I noticed all these little red dots all over and billions of bug bites. And I then proceeded to curse Arynn's name for a few seconds. Not that it was her fault at all, but still. I was in her company so she obviously had something to do with it.

There. There you are Arynn. I blogged about you. thend. (the+end=thend.)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fairies and other magical creatures? Sign me up!

    Can I just share my biggest peeve about blogger? "tab" does not tab inside the little (not really little) typing box! It tabs onto the next [clickable]/[type-able space] place. Drives me bananas. Literally. And I hate bananas. 

book #2: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

It begins with two kids, Seth and Kendra, being shipped to their elusive grandparents house which is in a place called Fablehaven of which the grandpa is the caretaker of, while their parents go on a cruise that was left to them by the kids' other grandparents. From the beginning, there were only a few rules set in place. Mainly, don't go into the forest and... I feel like there was another one that I just don't remember. But the forest rule is apparently the only important one. Anyways! Don't go into the forest. Which you would think is a pretty simple rule, as there is a swimming pool and a fabulous garden to relax in, no big right? Wrong. Seth, is an adventurous young lad and he just absolutely has to go into the forest, then he meets Myrtle, a witch who lives in a shack. Meanwhile, Kendra uses keys given to her by her grandpa to eventually discover a secret journal that says nothing but Drink the  Milk. What milk? You may ask. The milk that is set around the yard and such in pie tins. Kendra of course drinks the milk even though it makes her a little nervous and BAM! The butterflies and other various flying insects are really fairies! AH! Crazy sauce. And other things, like goats? are really satyrs. All the animals appear to be different and more... non-magical looking, unless you drink the milk. It turns out to be milk from a magical cow, named Viola. But anyways, once the kids both find out about the magical-ness of Fablehaven, things get a little crazy. Magical adventures ensue. I won't give anything else away. :)

How's that for a summary? It's not an actual summary, as I left out a whole bunch, because I want you to read the book! There are SOOOO many more surprises that will just drive you crazy. And onto my opinion! I really was a little unhappy with this particular book. I liked the concept, but personally, I could tell it was written for younger readers. I only read the second book because I wanted to see what happened next. So, it was obviously good enough for me to want to know more. I have a friend who also read this book but didn't read the rest of the series, and she said her reason was that she likes reading books that are in her age range, if that makes sense, so she didn't want to go back and read the rest even though I told her the rest was even better. Which I completely understand. I feel the same way about the whole age range thing, but I figured that it might get better and less noticeable, and like I said, I was invested in the story. No reported romance in this book, so if you can't handle fantasy that isn't of the romantic sort, you're out of luck in the first of the Fablehaven books. 

I definitely recommend this book. I think that if you are in the mood for a great series that will take you somewhere else and on a definite adventure this is the book for you!

Stuck in a fantasy land? This is where your dreams become a reality!

  Preface: I have a sister, who likes to recommend some books to me. And then I read them. The first six of the bookiness posts shall be about the books that she told me to read. 

I wrote the whole post in lower case, don't judge me. I just felt like it. It was actually a slight struggle for me to keep up but once I decide to do something like that, it's gotta happen. Even if it goes against all the OCD fibers of my being. 

book #1: Austenland by Shannon Hale

Here is a little visual stimulation of le book. :)
     it's about a girl, jane hayes is her name, who is in her... late twenties? i feel like that's how old she is. and she has a not so awesome sort of love life, which her mother tries to make more awesome, but just fails and makes things worse. this jane hayes loves loves loves! mr. darcy from Pride and Predjudice and it's a secret fantasy type love and she watches the movies over and over and all that jazz. anyways, her mom forces her to go to lunch with a super old lady relative because she was "close to death" and she wants to inherit some money from her. greedy much? ;) so the mom goes to freshen up or something of the sort and the not so old lady and jane have a little chat. they talk about mr. darcy or something to hint that she is obsessed and that's that! later on the old lady relative dies and jane's inheritance is a ticket? or something of those sorts to a place called Austenland. it's a place where you go (in england) and live like someone in Jane Austen's books. there are actors and the sort there and there is no technology and stuff. even the attire is jane austen. then romantical type things happen and that's as far as i'll go with that particular sub-subject. :D 

    wells, there is a short little summary in the words of me. my opinion of the book? i really loved it. a whole bunch. i read it on a sunday afternoon and therefore, it's a relatively short book. it moves pretty quickly and keeps your brains engaged in the story. it's very easy to get to that point where you feel like you're in the story, rather than reading the story. like the pensieve in harry potter? just like that. 


    i highly reccomend this book. and i hope that you read it and tell me (in the comment-type fashion, yeah?) how much you either liked or loved or possibly even hated? the book. :)