Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day of thanks and Harry Potter

     Basically, I love the fact that I slept until 10 am today! It's the best feeling in the world to not have to be woken up by the annoying blare of an alarm clock. I started the day by reading MLIA and watching a few movies that I think I've actually seen before, but don't really remember. Then, I ate breakfast (shocker!) and perused facebook for a while. Well, it was generally boring, as facebook tends to be, but, I had a message from a newfound bud, so it wasn't an all-around disappointment. I could do some homework, but who wants to do that? All it brings is anger, and who wants that?
    In other recent news, I dyed my hair. I absolutely love it, to be perfectly honest. It's now darkish brown with a blonde chunk. I think it's thouroughly enjoyable. :) It is in fact, the week of Giving Thanks. The day of Thanks is tomorrow, and I'm quite excited to eat my yearly allotment alotment... of turkey topped with whipped cream. "Disgusting!" You may exclaim, but, have you ever tried it? One day, you must and then tell me it doesn't taste good. Because, my friends, it is aabsolutely fabulous. Tonight is the night of the new Harry Potter for me. Yes, it came out almost a week ago, and Yes, I've yet to see it. Which in and of itself, is a horrible crime. I live and breathe Harry Potter. I know probably anything you want to know about it and I use it in daily conversation and thought. So, it is with great pleasure that I go and see it tonight. *yay!*
     Well. I believe I have nothing else to say for now. Live Long and Prosper. Over and Out.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cutest thing EVER! And s'mores things too.

     So, this last week on... monday night? around 9:00 pm there was a very urgent knock on my door. As I get up to answer, I hear a car door slam and drive off in a hurried fashion. I open the door to find a single rose and a note with swedish fish that says: "You're the "swedish fish" I know! I would love to go to Sadies with you!" So fantastic I get excited just typing it!
     I just bought "Lucky" sung by Glee Cast. It's just about the best song in the world. I just wanna listen to it over and over!
     On monday, I'm so excited to go get slushies with my grood friend Claytron. It's a monumentous occasion as this should have happened wayyyy back in the summer and never did. Sad day. So, it's a good thing it's happening soonly!
     I really don't have that exciting of a life right now that it's fun to blog about.... so I'm done for today.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Homecoming, say what?!

     So last night was our homecoming game. We went in 4-0 and came out 4-1. Sad day! But we still did good! It was just one game! Anyways, Colton came to the carnival and game, and it was really awesome! However, Jake did not! That hobo! :) And I found out someone is asking me to prom! I'm really really excited. He is one of my best friends in the world! And I got to see a special someone stand in his football uniform all night! haha, he didn't play or anything, and we don't talk anymore... but he is sooo attractive and funny, and just great. I wish we were still friends, but we're not really. It's sad. 
     Thursday, I went to Nate's football game and got EATEN! It's drivin' me nuts! But other than that, good day. :)
     I need to go do my math homework now so I don't die. Adios!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mondays are no fun! Only sometimes.....

     Today I wore my Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger! socks. They made me incredibly happy all day even though I got 14/20 on my math quiz... errrr....:( Not fun. I didn't really wear my shoes during lunch and I really wanted to frolic in the grass with my favorite socks, but it was wet! That darnded wet grass! It's okay though, I would have looked like a really weird person... not that I don't manage that without the whole frolicking stuff! But still. A very attractive boy would prolly have been watching, and he already thinks I'm crazy. So... no need to rub it in! I just finished my english homework, and I hope it's okay. I don't really think I'm a very good writer. I think I SUCK. But, I've been told otherwise. I don't believe them. I now have to go mow Mr. Lawnsterinator so I can do my physics homework and take a shower before I die/go to bed. Good night world!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday Night Lights!

     No, I didn't go to the football game last night, but, Timpanogos is 4-0, undefeated! Holla at cho boyy! We beat Lehi 36-33 and it was their homecoming... sorry! What I wasss doing last night, was babysitting! I let the older girl do my hair and paint my nails and... do my makeup... which I was totally fine with, makeup comes off! :) But she somehow cut off a little eyebrow, so I look a smidge funny if you look really close. Thank Heavens, eyebrows grow back really quick! It was a pretty busy week.
     Today, I have to do a bunch of homework, and I'm going to a movie with my buds, so it will be a nicely balanced day! I'm pretty excited. I need to figure out what I'm going to do with my slab abstract though! It may just be the death of me! :) And my thesis for english? yikes... Hopefully I do okay on it though!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ugh, printers.

     So I basically HATE my printer right now. I have this dumb thing called a reading record due tomorrow for honors english, right? And I printed one off to do it, but it was wrong. Like, the lines were dumb. So I got on the computer again to print a fixed one, and now my printer WON'T PRINT. I hate it! It's the stupidest thing of my life. Grrr.
     On to a happier subject! I was talking to my friend Clayton today at lunch when another friend of mine walked up. I guess I was acting as if I were on drugs....? And she was like, "Umm, are you on drugs?" No, I'm not on drugs, I just get really excited when I talk to Clayton because we are really alike and such. Can I not be an excited person? It's just dumb. Not that I don't love this friend to death, I was just angry that I was "obvi on drugs, right?" No. Not right. Anyways, the happiness! HA! So I got to talk to Clayton! And it made me happy, because we don't see each other like, ever, anymore and he is one of my most favorite people! So it was a good lunch.
     In math today, we reviewed piecewise functions. Which at first, made me incredibly nervous, because I SUCKED at them last year. But this year, I have a really awesome teacher named Mr. Crowther, who can actually teach me stuff and I'll understand it! So I finally finally finally understand piecewise functions now! YAY!
     I'm still really angry with my printer, but I decided that I needed to blog for a few minutes. Thanks for listening... reading.... :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm unlike modernist writers and I won't reject the tradition of a "Get to know you" post.

     So basically, I should be doing homework right now, but I'm really not in the mood. So I thought, let's start a blog! It may end up being totally worthless, but it has potential. We'll see. First of all, my name is Reille. It's pronounced just like Riley, Rylee, Reilly, etc. But my dad doesn't enjoy the letter "Y", therefore, Reille. Is it really that hard? I wouldn't know, that's the way it's been my whole life.
     I just had to manually tab, not my favorite! Anyways, I'm quite an odd person. I really am. Sometimes I wonder why people don't care if they're seen with me, but apparently the goodness of me weighs out the weird. I'm the youngest of four children. We have a dog named Brinkley. He's incredibly OLD and FAT. Don't make fun of him. He would look funny if he were skinny. I love listening to music. I love to read. I love my family. They mean everything. My phone's name is Titus.
     I'm also LDS, but I believe I'm pretty open-minded, so please don't think I walk around judging people just because they don't believe the same things that I do! I think we all have to figure it out for ourselves when we're ready. So, let's be friends! :)
     I think if I write too much more and people actually read this, they might die of boredom. So... more later! :)