Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seventh of May: What are you most afraid of?

I have a massive headache right now, so, this won't be my usual rimbly ramble-y type of post. Sorry? 

The things I'm most scared of? 

-Spiders. Eew. 

-Bunny claws. And cat claws. Ahhhh. I just... yuck.

-Being raped. While this is something that most people are probably going to be scared of, I have a pretty active fear of it. I can't even... no. I won't go into my weird person details. 

-Ending up alone. I know there's someone out there for me, and I know that it's obviously just not time for things to happen yet. But. Even still, why hasn't ANYTHING happened yet? 

I just realized that ALL fears are irrational. We know it's silly to be scared or afraid of things, but we're scared of them anyway. Which is why we all have different fears, because we all have a different perspective of what is completely irrational to fear, so we don't fear it, and what is only a little irrational so we do. Huh. Interesting. 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely day!

     Reille K. 

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