Monday, January 31, 2011


     I recall wanting to blog about something the other day, but I don't remember what the event was? And I couldn't get on to ma blog at that time because I was on the spazzy computer which is now kaput. Dead. Morte. Ended. And I'm slightly freaking out, because my precious iTunes is on that computer. Which has HUNDREDS of dollars worth of awestastic music on it. Soooo, hopefull my dad can get it onto the G drive or what-have-you like he said he might be able to. And therefore making me able to access my iTunes from any computer on our network. Yes, my house has it's own network since we are a very computer savvy type. Weeeellll, sorta. So yeah, computers, while very valuable and knowledge increasing, kinda suck at the moment. (obviously not the one I'm currently using though, right? ;) )
     In other news, I found a dress for prom. And guess how much I paid for it?! $16. that's right, $10+$6, the big 16. Heckaaaa! I found it at Dress Barn, which, I know, is an olderly type "lady" store. But it's actually, in some people's words, "a freakin sexy dress" on me. I went into that store with absolutely zero intent of finding anything I liked whatsoever, much less finding a shtealin deal for a prom dress that I absolutely love and cannot wait to wear. All in all, BEST SATURDAY EVER. Nuff said.
     In other other news, I got my Young Womanhood Recognition yesterday. Woot woot! A pretty epic happening I hear. I mean, it was pretty awesome for me, but I didn't realize how awesome it was for me for other people. If that makes any sense to someone who has their sanity and normal thinking patterns. :D I mean, all the... we'll say, Mom Ladies, in my ward were coming up to me at the end of sacrament saying congratulations and all that jazz and I was just like... uhhh, thanks? haha. This is awkward, let's stop. And luckily only one of them hugged me, otherwise I would have moved faster and stuff. I don't like unwarranted hugging. Not especially. I mean, from people I know and like? Sure! Hug away! People I barely or don't even know? Not so much, please keep your hands to yourself. Kids, on the flip flop, enh. They're kids! I don't mind 'em. Unless they suckaroo and are the spawn of satan. Then they gotta keep their yucky selves away from me.
     It's february! And do you know what that means? PJS! Wahoo! Prayer, Journal, Scriptures. I have to try my very darndest to Pray, write in my journal and read ma sccriptures every single day of february. It's a tradition of the grand ole' Timpanogos Seminary. One which I believe I proudly upheld last year? maybe? in either case, one which I will strive to complete this year, as I sorta suck a little bit lately. In my opinion, that is.
     As much as I would love to keep talking... typing to no one about my somewhat lame life, I have a moun'in of homework to do and must attempt to climb my way to the top of it. (moun'in=how people from utah say mountain. Object and think we're just lazy? You try living in a place where everything is named after a freaking mountain. You'll end up dropping the 't' too.)