Thursday, February 28, 2013

"She's the Master..."

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this on here, but my grandma is FREAKING BOSS at quilting and all things domestic-y and sewing related. Like, for reals. She's literally The Master in my eyes. Anyway, she quilted a Temple quilt for each and every grandchild (26 in all, I believe) and for those who aren't churchy and such, she did like... wedding bands or something in the middle. I don't remember, there were only a couple. But, mine was finished recently, and I have been thinking about it tonight since I helped my mom put on the LAST of them tonight.

I picked a temple, it's usually the one you get married in, but in my case, I picked the Timpanogos Temple. I could get married in it, but, if not, that's cool too. I do want to get married there though, because that's the temple that my family was sealed in. So, sentimental value, and we all know how big I am on that.  I know there are a few people out there that I have talked to about my quilt and they wanted to see it. I've had pictures of it for FOREVER, but I always forget to put them up on all the social medias and such. So, here they are!

Here's the entire thing all laid out, the back is gray. Also, it's a queen sized quilt.

Here's the edge and filler pattern. They ended up copying mine for the last one, since that particular cousin didn't really seem to care. And, it's super simple and easy. Most of them and especially the early ones have crazy flowers and leaves and all that kind of business going on. Which, is really pretty, but this particular edging really caught my eye.

Here is the temple itself. And she writes the name of the temple, the humans, and the year on there. Obviously some of that will be added later in my case. I really wanted my grandma to write it herself so it would be in her handwriting, but the sly fox had my mom write it and quilted it real quick. Ugh, she kills me. ;) And you can obviously see the name sectiony is a little crooked, but honestly? It's freaking hard to made it straight because most of the time we forget to write it when we're marking so we do it after it's on and it's just a struggle.
It is just, absolutely gorgeous. And I love it a lot. I feel like most of my family just stores it away, but I fully plan on making/getting/finding a big huge shadowbox to put it in so it doesn't get dusty and that baby will definitely be a show piece in my house when I get married. I'm so proud of it already!

It's really special, because you know that in every single teensy tiny stitch there is some of my grandma's love in there. And there are a hecka ton of stitches, because my grandma gets like ten stitches to an inch! Most of you probably have no frame of reference for that, but just trust me, it's pretty pro of her. SO, that's a lot of love in one quilt. Anyway, just thought this would be a cool thing for me to share with you guys. :)

I hope you have a lovely day!

     Reille K.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


My talk is over. I've been told it went well. In my book, all I really care about is that it WENT and that it is DONE. But thanks.:)

I start Instocks tomorrow. Eeeee. Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep quickly tonight and not let myself get carried away watching a movie or YouTube or anything else.

I finally got everything figured out on my new computer... I got a new to me computer guys! Ha, I don't know that I ever said anything to you. My aunt gave me her computer because she wants to be more mobile and she thinks I'll get better use out of it (most likely true). I think I lost a little music in the process, but I got most of my library transferred. It was QUITE the process. I just don't have the patience to figure out computer STUFF. I guess I still have to finish figuring out my pictures and stuff... but that'll be easy peasy, I think.  

Also, if any of you want to read my talk, since I'm one of those people who writes it all out and such, let me know in the comments with your email address and I'll email it to you. :)

Well, it's only 5:20pm and I'm exhausted. Which is a good sign. Until next time! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A bittersweet farewell.

Tonight was my last night in Softlines (for those of you not versed in Target lingo, it's the clothing section).

It was weird, to say the least.

I realized that I liked a few more people than I thought.

I realized that folding shirts had become something very calming and almost meditative.

I realized that I couldn't stay there forever, as comfortable as it has become.

I realized that I was... almost sad to be leaving.

And I never thought I would be.

These people are my friends.

Which is something I never expected to find when I started working at Target.

I'll definitely miss seeing them ALL the time.

But, I'm excited for the change.

And I'll still see them.

It's not like I don't go to Target basically everyday... It's almost embarrassing.

I'll visit. :)

I AM a little nervous for the newness of it all.

And I've been super spazzing out like, every second of the day lately.

Which... I hope is done by like, tomorrow. Because. I don't need any more of it right now. It's driving me nuts.


I hope you all have a lovely day!

     Reille K.

Not to get off topic (which I've been trying not to do) but, I'm watching The Lorax and a completely underrated quote: "A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean."  Also, I really want to make "Shut your mustache." happen. Yeahhhhh, buddy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why can't this just be normal?

So, I have a LOT going on next weekend. And I'm already kinda freaking out about it. I'll be a nervous WRECK for the next probably two weeks, maybe three. 

First: I signed up to help clean the church and go to the RS activity. Guys, I don't like cleaning, and I don't like making scarves. But, I thought it would be a good way to get to know people in the ward and blah blah blah. But... it's so uncharacteristic of me. Because I'm not social. I'm awkward. I don't like being the new kid. It's starting to really freak me out. ESPECIALLY because there is another girl in the ward that's also new, but she seems to be fitting in a lot better than me. But maybe it's because she's better at inserting herself in things and I'd rather sit off on the side and not talk to people. But, there's that. 

Second: I have to give a talk on Sunday. Kill me, guys. I'm so awkward and just a generally kind of nervous type of person. I hate it. I'm also a crier. Which, is NOT helpful. I cried when I gave a talk on the benefits of Preach my Gospel. Like, I cry to the point that it's ridiculous. I'm hoping and praying that it will be different this time. I'm also getting that panic-y feeling that I need to be done preparing my talk already, I won't have enough time. Even though I'm fine... I'm really out of practice on getting "school type assignments" done or even doing them in the first place. Also, no one is invited to come to my talk. I will hate you forever if you try to come. I think I might be okay, because the last talk I had to give was the same Sunday as a really popular kids mission farewell. Like, there were people filling the chapel, overflow, cultural hall, AND sitting on the stage. So, with only like 40 people TOPS, I can totally do this, right? Ugh. 

Third: I'm starting in a new area at Target next Monday. Which, is basically like getting a new job. And I'm FREAKING out. Meg tells me its super easy and the team is really nice, but that doesn't mean I'm not dying. I'm excited and nervous and queasy. And I have to wake up SOOO early. Like, 5:30 AM early. Which, if you know me, is going to be HARD. All through my school years... I gave myself MAYBE fifteen minutes to get ready. Like, my ride would come at 7:10 and I would wake up and get ready, including breakfast at 6:50. And have time to sit around for them most of the time. Maybe slip some studying in. So, waking up at 5freaking30 will be rough for a while. But, I'll get off at NOON, which is boss. And hopefully I'll be able to re-train myself to going to SLEEP at like 10:30. That would be great. 

Fourth: FHE next week is Laser Tag. Which, is fun and great and all. But, it's social. And I'm not good at social. I want to go, but I'm convincing myself not to because I'll be too tired from waking up early for work that day or what if it goes really late and I don't get to bed at a reasonable hour to be good to go for work the next day? 

Ugh. I'm pathetic. Why can't it just be normal for me to be social and junk? If it were JUST the talk and the job thing, I think I'd be exponentially less freaking out. But, the social stuff kills me. I hate it. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

If you want to help me...

Guys, I have to speak in my new singles ward next week. And I'm speaking on Ann Dibb's talk from last conference, I bet you all know what it is (IF you're LDS, that is. No judgements if you aren't.) before I even tell you the title! "I know it, I live it, I love it"  

I have an idea to tell a few stories of people being confident in themselves as a member of the church. For example, I think I'll refer to the story from this old post of mine. As a BAD example. But an example nonetheless. I might try to get an example from my dad too. But if you guys have any examples and feel cool with sharing them with me and my using them in my TEN to TWELVE minute talk. I obviously won't be using names and if I do, I'll change it and such. 

If you DO want to share with me email me at 

It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! 

I hope you have a good day! 

     Reille K. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"If you wanna be my lover..."

"ya gotta get with my friends! Make it last forever, friendship never eeeeeennnds!" 

Happy Pre-Valentines Day from this lonely little sap!

Today I thought I'd share with you the ways to win my heart. Since, you know, I have males knocking down my door trying to win my affection and all, right? Heh. Not really. 

These aren't in any specific, particular order. I just wrote things down as I thought of them. And there could easily be other ways, but, as I've yet to experience the whole spectrum of the dating scene and the likes, I could love/hate something and have no idea! 

1- be creative/crafty in SOME way. 
    I went on a date with someone from high school and we went to Color Me Mine. Oh. This kid. He picked a penguin coin bank and... it was just... awful. I realized then, that I definitely needed someone who could at LEAST make something from a place like Color Me Mine look decent. Sorry if you're reading this... but I don't think you would. 

2- be musically inclined somehow. 
    Whether they sing, play an instrument, or simply just ENJOY music (for the enjoyment one, it's preferable to like the same kinds-ish as me...) Music is a relatively big part of my life, so, it makes sense. I'm almost always listening to, humming, singing parts of songs. Plus, I really like musical-esque movies. 

3- Have a British accent? I'm all yours. 
    Seriously though. It just, it gets me. 

4- watch girly "chick flicks" with me sometimes. 
    Not ALL the time, but, I would like it if they didn't complain about it every time I even mentioned/suggested it. We'll see. 

5- act silly with me. 
    For reals, I get a little crazy sometimes and can be pretty darn silly. Just accept it and involve yourself. (this one really goes for everyone I come in contact with...) 

6- love the gospel. 
    I've always tried to convince myself that it's not a big deal if I date a few guys that aren't part of/don't identify with the gospel. But... it is a big deal to do that. And I can find someone that fits all my other hopes and wishes in a guy AND loves the gospel. He's GOTTA be out there somewhere. 

7- be the same with me as you are with your family and friends. 
    I don't want that awkward-ness where we hang out with his friends or I meet his family and I feel like I don't even know him. Like, what? 

8- have SOME sense of style/well-groomed. 
    honestly. Don't be a hobo. Just don't. 

9- accept my utter weirdness. 
    half the time, all the words that come out of my mouth literally make zero sense to anyone but me. I find myself having to explain my thought process MUCH more than the average human. Just... think of it as adorable and an endearing quality? :)

10- trust me. 
    Oh, how I love it when a guy "gets naked emotionally" to quote Glee. It's so great to be around people who trust you with their innermost thoughts and feelings. I find it to be the easiest way to get to know people, because THAT'S who they are.

11- accept my family and friends as your own. 
    Yes. My family is always going to be in the picture. My bestie is always going to be in the picture. If you don't like them... well... there will be an issue. Guaranteed. 

I wish I didn't have a weird number of things like eleven. It's really going against my OCD tendencies to make lists in increments of five. But, I'm leaving it. Posting this and never looking back (so to speak, I could go back and read it again). 

I hope you enjoyed this weird(ish) little list. Have a lovely Valentine's Day! 

    Reille K. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

If I should die before I wake...

"No funeral, no open casket viewing. No long winded 'memorial'." 

My grandma Lou died yesterday morning and she had written down what she wanted done with herself. It's a really weird concept for most of my family, as they feel like there's no "closure". Personally, I'm not sad, I haven't cried, I'm actually just fine. Not because I'm heartless, but because it was definitely her time. She's been a shell of a human for the past three or four months, not being able to stay awake or ANYTHING. Anyway, I thought this paragraph was beautiful:

"I arranged for cremation, scatter ashes somewhere pretty, do not cart them back to Utah for burial. And, as my husband, your father said: "No mourning over a grave, I won't be there, just 'think me a field of flowers'."

It seems weird, the concept of being cremated, for most people. At least, it does if you grew up in Utah. I personally really like what she's decided. It's SO her. It melds perfectly with her personality. But I also see why it's so weird for everyone else. 

But, I'm not sad. In fact, I'm really happy for her. She lost the love of her life when she was 20 years old, barely enough time to fall in love. He was gone with the Army most of the time, so that was hard. They had four kids together, two sets of twins, and while Lou was pregnant with the second set, they were in a car accident that killed only him. My grandma lost the love of her life and ended up with four kids that were all under the age of three in one day. She had to live with that grief for her entire life, and the last few years she had pretty poor quality of life. 

I'm happy for her, because she's finally back with her sweetheart. She's no longer in pain. She'll finally see the light. 

'Til we meet again, Grandma. I'll think you a field of flowers. 

Have a lovely day, I hope I didn't depress any of you. 

     Reille K. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cheers to the Single's Ward

... I guess. 

It was mostly just a little weird. I knew a few people, but they were all people who I never REALLY knew because they were older and such. You know. I was totally planning on waltzing in, chatting with the bishop, etc. Guess what I did? I walked in and sat down quietly and didn't talk to anyone really. Just sat there in my awkwardness. I did find a little comrade in a couple girls I went to high school with and was kiiiiind of friendly with. I sat by them in Sunday School and Relief Society, but I was still mostly just with myself. Does that make sense? I'll pretend like it does. 

It was just weird being there alone and not actually knowing anyone. Just a few people I knew OF, and a bunch of people I didn't. 

I was supposed to go to a little baby class or something to hang out with the bishopric and meet all the leadership and such, but I was like, ehhhh, that's weird. I'll just go to class. I had already moved my records and I don't really have any issues with anything and I don't necessarily want to become SUPER noticeable because I don't really want a calling right now. I wouldn't say no or anything, but I'm not dying to have one. 

I'll stay there, but... it'll take some getting used to. There are slim pickin's when it comes to guys (as far as I can tell right now). 

Oh well. 

Have a lovely day! 

    Reille K. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what a 'hair'y situation

I tried to be punny... it didn't work very well. 

Today, we'll be talking about my HAIR. 

Lame, I know. But it's my blog, so I can do what I want! 

We're talking, my most recent-ish of hair histories. From the beginning of tenth grade (what a NIGHTMARE) to now. 

No judgements. Okay? Okay. 

Let's get cracking! 

This was my hair relatively close to when I began high school. Short. Black. Zero layers. And my bangs were a hideous version of straight across bangs. It was... less than flattering. The overall hair shape wasn't too bad, except the bangs. Those were... no. But, the stark contrast between my extremely white skin and jet black hair? Yikes... Also, I had a small little panic attack when it set in what I had done. My hair had been brown and similar to what it is now, but a bit shorter. You'll see it later on. 

Look at that SASS! ... Kill me. 
This is the awkward beginning of high school panic cut grown out a smidge. You can see the obvious roots and just... not a cute year for me. 

Then it grew out and I cut it like this! Basically, the same way I had had it before the weird stage. SUUUUUPER thinned out, lots of layers, swept bangs. This is my go to look. 

This is a bit longer than the last one, and right before I did this... 


Look Ma, I got some blonde in my dark brown hair! 

Seriously, guys. This is the hair style and color that I had for a good two years. I re-dyed the blonde I think only once, since when it grew out, it was underneath a bunch of layers, so you couldn't tell. But I kept dying my hair a dark brown for a while (also my go to color, by the way). I find it to be a good medium between my natural and the black. It suits my skin tone MUCH better, but still makes my eyes really FIERCE. 

So, the last time I dyed my hair was the week before graduation... making it... seven months since the last time I colored and almost as long since the last cut... I got lazy again and haven't had my hair trimmed since like... July. No big, right?  Anyways, my hair NOW. I am really lazy about my hair. I just don't see a lot of value in doing my hair... ha! It looks fine when it's natural, so why not do that? Let's talk about just HOW lazy I am...

This really cute, curled hair? 14 minutes. 

Straightened hair? 7 minutes. (Gahh, look at how LOOONGG my hair is!) 

 My natural, usual hair (literally, it's a big deal for me if I do my hair). MAYBE one minute. Woooo. 

I'm seriously, so lazy. Some days, I even wake up, brush my hair once, and call it good for the rest of the day. It looks the same if I shower or get my hair wet, so... why not?  But... I've made the decision... 

I'm cutting my hair. *painful gasp* I know. 

Like, a legit hair CUT. Not a trim. It's a big deal. Since the last time I did that... things didn't go so well. 

I'm planning on making this happen next week. But, it could be even the NEXT week depending on the schedule of the girl who I want to cut my hair. 

Guys, I'm really nervous about this. My hair is my baby. I'm really lazy about it, but insanely attached. Like, oh. I'm weird, you get over it. 

I'm really going to miss the crazy, hobo hair days. 

I'm going to miss my hair grazing my arm beneath my sleeve.

I'm going to miss my hair getting stuck in everything. 

And it being in the way ALL the time.

I'll definitely miss having long, luscious locks. 

But, it's good. I'm ready to have a different hair style. I'm ready to start over again, after all, if I hate the short-ish hair, I know it'll take around four years, probably less since I'm not going quite as short, to grow it back out! 

Anyway, thanks for sticking this one out, if you did. 

I hope you have a lovely day! 

    Reille K. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Addressed to myself.

I *should* be in the shower at the moment, getting ready for work. But, I'm not. Obviously, Reille... I finally remembered that I wanted to write this post and I have the pictures on my computer and ready to use now! So, I thought I'd best get it done right here, right now. 

Once upon a time, I'm not sure if I told you about this, I'm obsessed with notebooks. If I see one I like that is reasonably priced, I buy it. If I see one I like that's on sale? OHHH, I pounce on it like the last piece of cake in the cafeteria (that's a thing, right? I never ate cafeteria food on a regular basis). 

Well, about... maybe a month ago? I bought this guy.

Ugh, I suck for not rotating it, but I'm both too lazy and in a smidge of a hurry.  My apologies. 

 Cute, right? I've never been much of a lime green person, but this one is a bit softer than the average lime green product and I liked the feel of the cover. I also don't usually buy ones that are standard notebook size, going for ones I can fit in most bags/purses. But this one, I HAD to buy it. It was on sale at Cotton On, and I bought a few notebooks that day. I had a purpose lined up for the others pretty quickly, but this one sat there for a long while. BUT! One day whilst surfing Pinterest, I found a list of books that every girl should read in her mid-twenties or something of the sort. And one of the books was a book of letters that famous people wrote to their former selves. PERFECT. 

So, I'll be writing my advice and such for common instances that have happened to me. I'll essentially be writing them "to my former self" but in actuality, I'm really writing to my kids so that I can someday pass it on to them and they can use it/love it/hate it. We'll see. 

I also ordered the book that I mentioned above for some inspiration, and as a good read. The earliest arrival date is today, which is what jogged my memory on this post. I've already got a few subjects that I plan on writing about, and I'm reaaaally excited about this. 

Hope you all have a lovely day! 

    Reille K. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's quite a big deal for me...

One of the few things that I have yet to let go of from "childhood" or rather, things I didn't get rid of right after high school when I had to grow up for realsies is: church. I stayed in my home ward and served in the nursery. They put me in the Sunday before I graduated, and I stayed there. At first, it was totally chill and I loved being in Nursery, but then, after a while, I started feeling incredibly stagnant, spiritually. I kept reasoning with myself that **if they ever released me from Nursery, I would finally go to Single's Ward. And **if I ever got a car, I would go to Single's Ward, so I didn't have to borrow my parent's cars (how LAME). 

**keep this phrase in mind

Well, it was one of the things I've been so hecka frustrated about lately, and I finally decided to just DO IT. Nursery could survive without me, they would find another person/couple and get over it. 

Then, I went to the temple last night, and my decision was confirmed there. 

Then, I came to church this morning with the intent of telling the Bishop and moving my records after church. 

As I was sitting there in the chapel with my mom (who had irritated me and told me to wait until after church) my dad was chatting with the bishop and looked at me with one of his looks. My first instinct was "No, I will not give the opening prayer, Dad." That wasn't it at ALL. He came down to our bench and told me that they were releasing me from Nursery. Serious? Remember those phrases I told you to remember? That was one of them. I would go if they ever released me from Nursery. Another confirmation to my decision. And I have a car now... so... I really had zero excuses left. 

I wasn't feeling ALL that well today, and I went to the bathroom inbetween first and second hour trying to decide if I even wanted to stay. Well, the bishop was just chillin' in his office and one of the ward clerk humans was there and I popped my head in and told the bishop that I was planning on going to the Single's Ward anyway, so it was really convenient that he released me today and I wanted to move my records. The clerk was all kinds of helpful and he was like, Oh, yeah! We can totally do that right this second. So, I met my mom in Gospel Doctrine with my records already moved to my new ward. And then I had a lesson from one of my favorite humans in the ward. Him and his wife are literally, my favorite. I love them to death, and coincidentally, this was their probable last week in the ward too, because they're moving to Lehi. Well, his wife was in there too, and at the end of his lesson, it really hit me. I was leaving this ward. I would now be going to church by myself. With a bunch of people I don't know. And it was a little bit scary. Good thing I couldn't back out now, right? Well, I lost it. And I lost it because I didn't want to say goodbye to the Stinson's. And it was all happening at the same time, and it was ridiculous. But, we cried it out, chatted with another woman in the ward in the hallway until halfway through Relief Society, then listened to the last little bit of the lesson. Which, was really good, surprisingly. I don't have the best opinion of Relief Society, I think it's yucky and for old/married people who have husbands and kids. But, this was a good note to end on in the 6th ward.

Everyone kept asking me if I was moving on to bigger and better things all day, and I really think I am. Single's Ward is where I'm meant to be right now, and it's one of the strongest (positive) feelings I've had in a LOOOOONG time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still FREAKING OUT. But, in a good, moving on with my life, kind of way. 

I'm going to the Single's Ward. 


I hope you all have a lovely Sunday night, I'm off to celebrate my Momma's 51st Birthday (don't tell her I told you how old she is...) and wait with crazy anticipation for finding out the gender of Baby Guppy tomorrow!!! (Baby Guppy is what I use to refer to my sister-in-law's growing baby bump. That's what I'll call it whether boy or girl.) 

    Reille K. 

Also, I've been referring to it as the Single's Ward... but is it "Single's Ward" or Singles Ward? I feel more like it's "Singles Ward", without the apostrophe. Any thoughts? 

And the Weekend was my cure.

So, we all remember that one post where I ranted about all my woes and frustrations. Well, friends, someone read that and came to my rescue! 

Good old Package Deal, I've told you about her once maybe twice, I believe. We grew up together and the likes. Anyway, she texted me whilst I was napping yesterday, mostly because I was bored and less because I was tired, which was weird. And she asked what I was doing that night. I didn't particularly have any plans, so I was VERY glad she texted me. Because that text meant that she wanted to go to the TEMPLE!!! It's our thing. We go to the temple together (we've gone to a different one every time, since we live in Utah Valley and we have about a billion and a half temples within MAYBE an hour, tops) and catch up on life and talk about things that are stressin' us out and making us crazy on the way there. We go in and sometimes have to be directed as to where the baptistry even is (most times, actually). And eventually we make it there. We are ALWAYS struggling. For reals, it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes, but it's fine. Then, when we come out of the temple we talk about the awkward moments that we inevitably had, the sometimes cute boys that were there that we were trying not to think about, our struggles in the font, and our likes and dislikes about the layout, architecture, various colors of furniture and wall papers in the temple. And it is GREAT. I was so SOOO glad Danielle texted me yesterday. It was one of those moments where she fulfilled a prayer that was literally only in my heart and I felt like she knew me better than anyone right in that moment. 

South Jordan Temple, which is SOOO gorgeous. Our temple of choice for last nights adventure. 
Afterwards we went to Wafflelove, a food truck that drives around the Utah Valley-ish area that sells gourmet waffles (obviously). It was my first time, but Danielle had been there before. 

We both got the special, so it was only $5. They are a bit pricey, but I guess that's what you get for it being gourmet food truck food. It was a belgian waffle stuffed with chocolate sticks with a big scoop of cream on top. I forgot to take the picture BEFORE I spread out my cream so... 

It was delicious till the last bite. Yummmmmmmm. 

We went back to my house intending to watch Pitch Perfect because Danielle had yet to see it. Which, is what we did LAST time we went on a temple adventure, and we came home to my parents and brother and sister-in-law already watching it! This time, we came home to my parents and grandma watching it. I swear, they only watch it when Danielle comes over to watch it. Haha! But this time, I just started it over, since they were all on their iPads anyway. 

This post is getting a bit long, but I have something else to share with you guys. It's more of a newsy type of thing. So, make sure to check out the next blog post as well! :) 

    Reille K. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

25 things about me.

Not tagged... but doing it anyway... because I can. 

1) My vice in life, is chapstick. My go-to is Blistex Medicated Mint, but I also like to try different ones. I have... seven? going right now. 2 of them are Blistex... 

2) I'm obsessed with quotes. I think that you can learn A LOT about a person from the quotes they like and share and pin on pinterest and things like that. Because people will like a quote that says something that they never want to talk about. Or conveys an emotion they want to forget or have or want to have. It tells you their deepest desires and interests without them even knowing. 

3) I collect salt and pepper shakers. I literally fawn over them when I see ones that I like. I'm ridiculous.

4) I also keep all my movie ticket stubs. I have a "Movie ticket Journal" and glue them all in and the like. 

5) I've always secretly wanted to be in a show choir. I think they are amazing and I just... love them. Part of why I love Pitch Perfect so much...

6) I just don't understand drinking and smoking and doing drugs. I don't UNDERSTAND it. It's not even because of religion or anything like that. I just don't see the appeal. Plus, I hear it doesn't really taste all that good anyway...

7) If I weren't LDS, I would be covered with tattoos. For reals. I'll do a post on it soon, I've been collecting data... :)

8) I love writing letters. I think hand-written letters are a GREAT way to communicate, and wish that more people used them as a form of communication. They are so much more personal and you can visibly see the care that person has for you. 

9) Aquatic animals... Love them. I have a Dolphin pillow pet named Charles and a Shark "Pee-Wee" pillow pet named... Sharky (how creative, I know) and I also have a pillowcase with colorful whales all over it. They all live on my bed. And Clayton has been involved in ALL of them. 

10) I hate country and rap music. And ska, emo, screamo, etc. and all that nonsense. It's just not my thing. It never has been and it never will be. Sorry. 

11) Dr. Seuss is one of my heroes. I absolutely love him. I think he is HILARIOUS. And I fully plan on decorating my nursery in Dr. Seuss and owning every single book he has ever written. Did you know he has one for adults? I can't remember the title, but I found it at the library today. 

12) I am a bookworm, through and through. I went to the library today for one book. I walked out with SEVEN. And that was me practicing will power. It's ridiculous, but so healthy for my brain! 

13) I'm painfully white. Like, if I am outside for over maybe 20-30 minutes with no sunscreen on, I'm burned. Like, it'll take a few days to wear off, burned. My insane skin is the ONLY thing I dislike about my heritage. And even then, I don't really care that much, I just hate the sunburns! They are so darn painful. 

14) Baths. Ooooh, I love them! I take one almost every single night, no matter how late I get home from work. They are the best. 

15) I almost always have cold fingers and cold toes. I guess my circulation is sub-par?

16) I have two of a lot of things in my bedroom. Two mirrors. Two dressers. Two lamps. Two pairs of scissors. I'm weird.

17) I buy notebooks/journals ALL the time. Especially when I don't really need them. I just have a billion on hand at any given time. Paper never goes bad, guys! 

18) After a month, I still miss my dog almost every single day. I feel like the house is MUCH too quiet without him huffing and puffing his way around. And I just, I miss him. He was around for more of my life than he wasn't. 

19) I love antiques. A lot. Most of my room decorations are antiques, actually. And salt and pepper shakers... 

20) I may come off as a really crazy, friendly person... but I'm really shy. And painfully weird. I found the perfect description of me on pinterest, and didn't realize I was an introvert until I saw it. 

21) I'm in the nursery in my home ward... but I really want to leave and go to a single's ward. I'm just working up enough courage to make it happen. 

22) I've never been asked on a date or been kissed. I went to ONE boy's choice dance in high school, with my gay best friend. I was actually his unintentional beard...

23) I have an irrational love for my hair. It's REALLY hard for me to do anything more than a trim. The last time I legitimately CUT my hair, I cried for three days. But, I'm thinking I'll give it another go. I need a change, and this is something I can completely control at the moment... Plus, my ends are getting a little nasty. And... it'll always grow back... right?

24) I day-dream about meeting "famous" people in everyday life and not totally fangirling and falling in love with them and such every day. It's usually the same few people, but that's going to be kept secret. And by "famous" I mean, legit celebs and YouTubers. 

25) I really wish I had kept up with ceramics or something. I made a few really really cool/good pieces in high school. I think it's something I could be really good at if I put enough effort into it. I really took that class and that time for granted. 

Well, there it is! I don't feel like taking a picture for you guys right now... so you get this oldy but goody! I think this was... maybe a few years ago. Like.. tenth grade? Gooooooood times. 

     Reille K. 

Friday, February 1, 2013


***This is a rant. Which, I try not to do, but, it's been festering for far too long and tonight just burst the dam. Feel free to pretend you read it but don't really.***

****OH! Also, I don't want your sympathy. At all. Please, just keep it to yourself, it won't be helpful. Thanks for caring and everything, but I just don't really... want to hear it. Sorry.****

I'm frustrated with just about every. single. aspect of my life at the moment.

I'm frustrated that I was sat down today at work and chatted with or whatever because there was an issue involving me. I was frustrated with a situation last night and voiced that to one person, and I got in trouble (kind of) for it. I'm frustrated that I didn't just keep my mouth shut. I'm frustrated that the person in question didn't just come to ME. I'm frustrated that work is feeling incredibly monotonous lately and I never feel like being there.

I'm frustrated that I have zero social life.

I'm frustrated that I'm spiritually stagnant, STILL. Even after I made that New Year's Resolution...

I'm frustrated that I've basically accomplished NOTHING since high school. I've been graduated for almost a year and I've made next to no progress in life. I'm frustrated that everyone else is out there taking the bull by the horns, so to speak and I've stayed at home and done basically the same exact thing almost every day. I hate it.

I'm frustrated that I have to wait until JUNE to do Phlebotomy. I just want to do it NOW.

I'm frustrated by how scared I am to get out there and just freaking GO to single's ward. I don't want to leave the comfort of my home ward, but lately, I've been feeling like an outsider even there... I think it's time.

I'm scared that this is just how my life is going to be. I don't want that.

I'm frustrated by how much of a flop I've turned into since high school. I wanted so much more for myself...

I'm frustrated by how alone I feel.

I'm frustrated that I miss my best friend so much.

I'm frustrated that nothing is simple or easy right now.

I'm frustrated that I don't feel accountable to the same level as everyone else at work.

I'm frustrated that I suppress all my emotions so much.

I'm just... FRUSTRATED. With everything.

I need a change. I need something new. I need some perspective or something...

Thanks for sticking around if you did. It's fine if you didn't... in which case you wouldn't see this, but whatever.

Remember, no sympathy.

      Reille K.