Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"But you gotta have faith, faith, faith!"

In 2016, I finally FINALLY figured out how to have faith in God's timing with ALL things. Something that I have struggled with since I was 18. Faith in his plan, I had (and have). Because he told me that I didn't have to go on a mission (because I actually didn't want to go on a mission, sue me) and I met my two very best friends in the time that I would have been gone. AND did SO many baptisms for the dead because I went every week for a year. Three HUGE things that have impacted my life in a big way! But the timing of that plan? My faith in that was... lacking. The experience that I had with God telling me to go through the temple at the time that He did... was kinda nuts. I thought it was a terrible thing, because (this might sound totally stupid) it felt like I was giving up on finding a husband. Because in my head, the endowment was directly linked to MARRIAGE, MISSION, OR OLD MAIDS. (!!!) And the fact that he was telling me to do it without any of those things being on the table, made me feel like... He wasn't listening to me. Hearing my prayers. Because it wasn't MY timing. I just wanted a man, dangit! And I kinda hate typing that out loud. But it really is how I felt. 
I read an article that was talked about how the endowment is not a "stepping stone covenant". And that totally changed the way I was thinking. Because it's not! The endowment, on it's own, is a saving ordinance. Like, duh Reille. And I've realized that with receiving my endowment, and being a temple going lady, Heavenly Father was making me into the woman I need to be in order to be ready for marriage. To be the type of woman that the guy He has in store for me is looking for. To fulfill my eternal potential. To give Him the tools to answer all dem prayers I was prayin'!
Now that I've been endowed for... 9 months... I can see it. I can see how the temple was integral to the Master Plan for me. I became exponentially more spiritual and spiritually minded since going through the temple. I'm in less of a hurry to marry myself off to someone. I'm learning how to enjoy the growth of this period in my life. And how that's going to positively affect my future romantic relationship(s?). And I understand so much more of the gospel and it's teachings than I ever have in the past.
Hindsight is 20/20. But the lesson lies within the hindsight, most of the time. God knows what and who you need to become, in order for you to be able to do the things He knows you want to do. And He's going to make those things happen for you. I promise. And I KNOW it's so freaking hard to have faith in the timing of everything. It really is. But, if you look back on your life... has He ever led you to something bad? God has so many awesome blessings in store for you. Better than you could ever dream up for yourself.

I hope that you can find something wonderful to hold on to, that will help you when hard things are happening. Like, the memory that you would think of to cast a patronus. 

Reille K. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

i never know what to title my posts.

I feel like Jessica just wants me to blog all the time. Which, I don't blame her. I just think its funny. We have #samebrain so we just get each other. I generally feel like I have a healthier, happier brain space when I just blog it out (which, most of my blog posts are me free writing and not thinking too much about things), and I think she remembers that more than I do. *insert crying laughing emoji here*.

I've been in a major funk lately when it comes to the social medias. I feel like what I have to say is not pretty enough. Eloquent enough. Or sparkly enough. For the "fancy" medias like Instagram. I feel like I'm only good enough for the "ratchet" medias like Snapchat. Which, wouldn't bother me so much if I always felt that way. Like... I hate, HATE that I have anxieties surrounding social media now because I used to literally post whatever and not give it a second thought. Now whenever I go to post, I can't find the words to say and I usually have thoughts like, "Screw it, it's not important. I'm just not going to post anything". So I don't. And then I have all these thoughts that were prepping themselves to be shared floating around up there with no where else to go. It makes me only marginally more crazy than I am in general. 

So, I think, I want to attempt to write more? I question it because I've said that a MILLION times and it just never happens. It's like, when you're terrible at journaling and you always start out your entry with, "Sorry I haven't written in a while, let me catch you up,". But, there was a time when I was writing a post basically every day. And most days I would write one post, and then have more to say about something else, so I would end u with more than one post a day! That seems crazy to me now. I feel a lot more... closed off than I once was. I feel like... people just don't care THAT much about what I have to say. Do I even have that much to say anymore? I don't know. But, I think I'm gonna attempt to get back into it. Because writing and putting it out there is much better for my brainspace than just laying in my bed and bingeing (is that really how you spell that? It looks gross... but if you take out the 'e' it;s binging...) on Netflix or Hulu (my current obsession is Smallville) all evening, EVERY evening. And wallowing in my thoughts. And scrolling and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterst and the like. Action feels better than inaction. I don't know. We're just gonna take this one day at a time. 

Also, I tried to change my sign off phrase or whatever you want to call it, and I hated it and couldn't ever remember it. So I'm gonna just stick with "Cheers" until I die, k? K. 

I hope you have a great week. And that nothing sucks too much. 

Reille K. :)