Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I love RAIN. Love it.

It rained in a BIG way yesterday, and I LOVED it. I soaked it all in. Every second of it was enjoyed on my part. So, I thought I would share WHY I love the rain. Or I guess, the different parts I love?

I love the tumultuous, yet soft sound it makes as it falls onto the roof. I love the feeling of the tiny droplets of cold as it hits your skin. I love watching the trees sway in the soft wind. And the steely, clean, mixed with dirt smell of rain. Ohhh, I love it.

I love the tiny puddles that form all over, especially when they are in silly places, and create little rivlets in the gutters.


 I love the loud BOOM of thunder that shakes your house, making the sitation all the more thrilling. The boom that you can feel in your bones, and reminds you of just how small you are. Both in reality to the universe and metaphorically, like a child.

I love watching the drip drops of rain fall from roofes... rooves? to the ground below. And watching the droplets fall onto the street making thousands of water rings.

Also, my brother's house is AH-MAZE-ING when it's raining. He doesn't have an attic, so his roof is basically his ceiling. It sounds fantastic in there. And he has a biiiig window looking out to the street. Perfect for watching it rain outside.

 Yesterday was a beautiful day. I loved it. And I'm a little sad that it isn't raining like that today too.

Thanks for stopping by!

     Reille K.


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