Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mr. Gas Station

My dad and I went running around to get dinner, as we do, and my mom wanted a gas station rice crispy. So, while we were waiting at Mama Chu's for our take out, I ran over to the gas station. I walked around to try and find them and finally found the place where that gas station kept them. Well, they didn't have the plain ones, which are the only ones my mom likes. And she didn't want one of the Kellog's ones... so... yeah. And the guy that worked there was trying really hard to help me. Which was great. 

Then, I was checking out and I loved how helpful he was and everything. 

But guys. 

When I was leaving, he said, "Cheers!" 


I was dying because that's my outro! It was a magical moment, just thought I'd share. 

Anyway, have a good rest of the week guys! 

     Reille K. 

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