Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eighth of May: A piece of Advice

A piece of advice? Well, there is something that's been floating around in my brain a heck of a lot lately. I was really into actively doing this last year, but have fallen off the wagon a little bit. And then I discovered this YouTube channel (I'm OBSESSED with him, guys. It's borderline unhealthy), and I can't remember if he made a specific video or he just talks about it frequently-- but he talks about how important it is to really know yourself and spend quality time-- WITH YOURSELF. And I spend a lot of time alone (FOREVER ALONE!), but I've been slacking on the quality part of it.

But, if I could give anyone advice right this second, without knowing anything about their personal situation it would be this--make knowing yourself a priority in your life. It's amazing to know what you want in life. Who you want to be, not occupation wise, but WHO you want to be. And occupation wise also. Where you want to go. What you want to accomplish. What kind of person you want to end up with.

Personally, I did this by reading a lot of quotes on Pinterest, my patriarchal blessing, blogging, and sitting in dead silence with no music or tv or other electronic devices hanging out with me. And spending a lot of time in my two favorite thinking spots (top secret). You can't get to know yourself if your mind is CONSTANTLY being occupied with other things and distracted by all these outside stimuli. At least, not very effectively.

Guys, it has been AWESOME to know myself. And even though I haven't really been spending as much quality time with myself as I used to, I have still gotten to know myself enough that in spite of that, I still know all those things I mentioned before. Not necessarily in a way that I can say in words, but in my heart, I know. It really is... magical.

Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday! Comment below if you have any other suggestions for people. :)

     Reille K.

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