Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PJS! Woot.

     So, in rather epic news, I may just be getting my very own laptop, which just happens to be a macbook. While its a slightly older model and blah blah blah, I'm still hecka excited. And my iTunes would be put on that computer and hallelujah chorus'.
     First official day of February and therefore, PJS. Look at how good I'm doing already! I feel pretty accomplished. Even though this hardly counts as journal writing, I'm still writing about my life, right? I'll write in my journal later. Ha! Maybe i'll start a digitalized journal when I have my own computer? ;) We'll see.
     I went to the varsity boys bball game tonight, and we won! HOLLA! It was against West Lake and we dominated the entire time. Soooo, we rock. Nuff said. And now I'm just chillaxing to some T. Swift. woot. Who, while sometimes slightly depressing, I still enjoy. Quite a lot. :D
     I think I might just keep this post mostly short, since I still have to study for a quiz in government tomorrow... haha! It should be pretty easy, since we can use notes, which I TOTALLY took.
           Shazam and Shalom.