Friday, January 25, 2013

this guy...

Working at Target, I get a lot of crabby people in my day to day life. People who want help from you but start walking away when you start to explain where the item is (drives me bonkers, by the way), people who get angry at you for asking them if they need help (just trying to do my job... sorry?), and people who get mad at YOU, personally, if Target doesn't have the specific thing they want, the size they need, etc. In my opinion, people need to just relax! 

But, there are also people who are genuinely thankful for your help and those are the kind of people I really like. They help boost my spirits when my night (or day) is feeling particularly monotonous/hectic/frustrating. ESPECIALLY people who are really grateful when they call in. Oh, I like really thankful calls. It feels great when people actually notice that you're going the extra mile for them and say thank you. 

Being thanked is really great.

Having said this...

I went to CAL Ranch in search for wiper blades for my car since the ones that came on it when I bought the car were CRAP. Literally, they just smooshed the water around instead of actually clearing it. And the rubber was starting to come off on the tip of one of them. I price-checked Auto Zone when I went to get a code read on my car and they were like, $15. My dad told me that CAL Ranch was the place to go because they're 1) less expensive 2) better quality. I can attest to that! They're not as easy to find (if you're a blind idiot like myself) and they don't have a billion and a half. Only one kind. But it's a GOOOOOOOD kind. I ended up just asking an employee (his name is Ray and he's an older gentleman) and heh! They were right behind me. Which is why I called myself a blind idiot. No big, guys. And he made sure I knew what size to get and whatnot. And I picked them out and went on my way. I checked out and was holding up the box to be sure I got the right size, planning on changing them when I got home. Well, up walks Ray and he was like, "Oh! Let me help you!" This guy. He helped me put them on, made sure the one that I did was clicked into place... because it wasn't... and he even took all my garbage to throw away! It was such a simple SIMPLE thing, but it brightened my day. It took him about 2 minutes to help me and it made my day so much better. Service is generally really simple, but it makes a huge impact on people. 

Happy Friday!

     Reille K. 

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