Monday, January 21, 2013

creating is exhausting work

You all know of my bestie, Clayton (unless you're new here, Clayton is my bestie...;)). Anyway, his birthday is in April and I thought of what I was going to do for his present in NOVEMBER of 2012. Guys, I'm a serious gift-giver.

No worries, I'm also really impatient when I'm excited and he already knows what he's getting. So, I'm not spoiling anything. But, no pictures. :)

One of my favorite school assignments and things I'm MOST proud of, is my mosaic. And, I really enjoyed doing it. I loved the intricate creations and repetition (it really appeals to the slightly OCD tendencies that I sometimes have) and I wasn't all too sure about the finished product, but (not to brag) I got a lot of praise for it, and that felt great. And, it's grown on me A LOT too. I actually framed it and it's on display in my room.

I wanted to make something like that for Clayton. I really like the idea of a reminder of how much I love him when he lives far away; but one that he can display without it being obvious. So he doesn't forget... not that I think he will, but, sometimes we all need a little something. Y'know? His favorite animal is a blue whale, and that's the subject of my mosaic. A blue whale coming out of the water, I believe the term is 'breaching', and I'm so so so so SOOOO excited about it.

My purpose though, is that I'm done with the actual WHALE part of it. It's not quite as crazy as my Icarus mosaic (that thing is a beast) but it's still a lot. A lot of paint chips and cutting and gluing and having nasty, sticky fingers and hands.

I still can't decide how I'm going to do the background... But, I have a while. I probably won't give it to him until I go visit in May. Unless he comes to visit during the month of April.

But, all the intense concentration and focus... it's crazy exhausting. But, it's good exhaustion.

I just wanted to share, since, like I've said a few times, I'm really super excited about it. And I'm sure I'll be bursting when I actually finish it, and I'll probably leak a picture or two. I'll try not to ;). But, I will show you guys eventually (since I know you're all DYING to see it, ha!). Literally, it's been insanely tough not to instagram the crap out of how far I've gotten.

Also... I'm now obsessed and addicted to Private Practice... the spin-off series of Grey's Anatomy. It was bound to happen sometime. I'm almost halfway through the second season, and I've been watching it ALL DAY. Love it. Love it. Love it.


Hope none of you had a really Blue Monday.

         Reille K.

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