Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Yeaauhhhh!

So, let's be real. Everyone and their dog is going to or already has posted a New Year post. Which is chill. I find it interesting. 

My bestie texted me last night at midnight, wishing me a happy new year (obviously), since we couldn't be together to watch Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century like we did two years ago. :) Yeah, we're a bit odd. Anyway, he asked if I had any good resolutions. Honestly? I hadn't even stopped to think about it. But I wasn't really planning on any. I made a list a mile long last year, and I broke one not even 5 days later. Not a good sign, right? 

A goal that I never wrote down last year though, and the only one I seemed to accomplish-- Be a better me. I didn't come up with that one until much later in the year, like the summer. It's the only one that stuck. I can see the difference from last new years to this one. It's not exactly a definable thing, but you all know what I mean. I feel different. My situation is better, both spiritually and emotionally. I've surrounded myself with better humans. Well, humans that are better FOR me. I've given myself over to doing things for ME. That make ME happy. It's been great, you guys. GREAT. 

I mentioned my annual new year room facelift... haven't quite gotten around to it yet. But, when I do (which I'm planning on starting right after this) I'll be sure to do a before and after post. :) It's gonna be grand. And it's a tiny step towards doing something on my bucket list. You'll see. Alright, I'm outty. 

Cheers! (and a happy new year to ya), 
           Reille K. 

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