Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm now one of those people...

who count calories! I got a calorie counting app and everything. Which, if I didn't have that, which basically does all the work for me, it wouldn't happen. Because I'm much too lazy for that... which is why I'm in the sitch where I need to count calories in the first place... Heh!

I won't be eating Costa Vida any time soon either... I looked up how many calories a Sweet Pork Salad is... OVER 1,000! Guys, it's supposed to be a salad! Quite ridiculous in my opinion. But it's alright, it'll save me calories AND monies. Which is always the preferable route to go, I suppose.

Now, don't confuse this for a New Year's Resolution. Because it ain't... [oh my gosh, ISN'T. I tried to do it, but I felt yucky.] Anyway, not a resolution. It's a lifestyle change. And I'm ready. REAAALLY ready.
I'm not doing the whole resolution thing this year. I feel like everyone makes resolutions, but no one ever keeps them. EVER. Sooooo, I just don't see the point. Therefore, no resolutions.

Also, whilst counting calories, I don't do the little nibbles on randoms anymore. Which is probably a really good thing! And since I'm trying to not only eat less calories than before (I think? Or I guess just actually caring what the caloric intake will be if I eat this over this and blah blah blah) I can't even eat all my allotted calories! What the heck?! It's all kinds of weird, guys. Anyway... until next time.

      Reille K.

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