Friday, January 4, 2013

A Review and a Retraction

Review of 2012, that is. Since I feel the need to do it, and a lot of others are doing it I feel. It'll just be a baby one though.

2012 was a big year for me. I turned 18, graduated from high school, got my first job, let go of people that weren't healthy, moved on from said letting go, made new friends, and bought a car. Plus all the goods and bads in-between. I grew up A LOT this past year. Mostly because that's what society expected of me, actually. I wasn't really ready to grow up, but I'm so glad I did. It was definitely time. I think that NOT going to college was a big part of that. I feel as though I'm more grown up because I didn't go. Which seems a little backwards, but true. Anywho, 2012 was good to me. I hope it was the same for you!

Now, for the retraction. I've accidentally made New Year's resolutions. I know, I know. I said I wasn't going to. But these are very attainable, and not ones that'll only last for a few weeks.

1) Actually make an effort when I leave the house. I didn't wear jeans for basically all of December it feels like. I wear sweats ALL the time. I mean, it's okay to wear sweats SOMETIMES. But not at all times. It'll be good. Simple, but full of impact.

2) Improve myself. It's always a good idea. Always something that is necessary, I feel.

3) I'm going to try not to be so spastic in my blogging. I feel like an ADD child in a candy store sometimes and I post about 17 different things. I feel like it could be confusing, and I don't want that. If I DO end up doing posts like that still, I'll be sure to disclaim it. :)

4) Work on my spirituality. I feel like I've been in a real slump with that lately because when I go to church, I mostly just play with kids, being in Nursery and all. Not that I dislike Nursery, I don't. But I'm just not getting enough spiritual nourishment right now, so, I'm workin' on that too.

5) Work out my ridiculous sleep habits. They've gotten baaaaaad.

I feel like there could have been another one... but I didn't write them down as they came to me when I was talking about it with my seeeester... So, I guess that's kind of it!

      Reille K.

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