Saturday, January 5, 2013

Peace and Blessin's...

Remember that one time I bought a car? It was approximately 1 month and four days ago. I named him Albus. Remembering yet? Good. 

Sooooo, I bought him at this place called Granite Peaks, and seriously, not exaggerating, I will ONLY buy cars from there. Ever again. Only place. 

Yesterday, my car had a little bump (not with another car, but with the ground) and Meg said that happens to her all the time and everything would be totally fine. Didn't even THINK to check when I parked. Well, we started driving home and were just discussing if Vaseline is toxic or non-toxic. And I leaned over to check on my little tub I keep in my car (are you surprised?) and we both noticed at the same time that smoke was coming from under my hood and there was a distinct burning smell mixed with my Vanillaroma tree. Naturally, this being my first car and my first major looking issue, I STARTED TO PANIC. Just a little. Not full blown panic, with tears and all (which is VERY surprising, considering I'm on my period). Just a little panic. We made it home and checked things out. Oh hey, my car is leaking green stuff. GREEN STUFF. So, I called my dad (because that's what I do) and he said to call my brother (because that's our next human to contact in car situations) and he said he would come look at it for me (blessin' numero uno, having a brother that knows what all the little parts and junk in basically every kind of engine ever. Mr. Mechanic is VERRRRRYY handy). So he came over and told me to call Granite Peaks and see if it was something that would be covered in this little power train warranty (I have NO CLUE what "power train" equals in a car, what would be covered with that and what wouldn't) I got with the car. Well, Mike (the guy who originally helped me buy my car and everything, love him) said that it's POSSIBLE, but they would have to look at it to be completely sure. So, I took it down there and he took a little look, found the dripping and made sure both myself and my Momma saw where it was coming from. We couldn't tell if it was the gasket or housing of said gasket or the little hose behind it, but, he said he would have their partner mechanic people check it out in the morning and he would call me around 10 AM. I went home and was just, FREAKING OUT inside, and we ate dinner and watched Pitch Perfect. Which helped a bit to relax me. 

Well, I set  my alarm for 9:30AM so I would be at least kind of awake when they called, and just laid there in bed until about 10:20AM when Mike finally called me. GOOD NEWS!!! He said that it was just a worn out O-Ring and it wasn't a big deal, so they just fixed it for me and it would be free for me. (blessin' numero dos. I was freaking out about it costing crazy amounts of money, because I don't have TONS back in savings yet, since I just bought a car, and I had just spent like $65 on clothes and notebooks that I didn't necessarily NEED.) He said that they like taking care of people if not only because they want you to come back and refer your family and friends and co-workers and every person you ever meet to come to them. Which, I do. I highly recommend them. They didn't promise me that it would be free, since it wasn't in my warranty technically. But, they did take care of me. And it's not the snake-y type of nice that you can totally see through that you think of when you think "Car Dealer". You know? 

I just feel so so SO blessed right now. ESPECIALLY because I know that I could definitely be doing better, spiritual wise. And yet, with all my failings and short-comings and sometimes even lack of faith, God takes care of me. He knew that I was stressing and he made it so everything worked out. It definitely feels like those stories that people always tell in Sunday School or Young Women's or Sacrament Meeting or WHEREVER where they paid their tithing instead of say a monthly bill and everything just worked out. I've never thought twice about not paying my tithing, I have always had a really strong testimony of tithing. So, I've always kept up on it and it's never been a big deal for me. And this whole thing just reaffirmed to me that tithing is good, tithing is great, tithing is wonderful. And it tells me too, that I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. Because I was feeling SERIOUSLY SPIRITUALLY BARREN lately. And it's something I've been working on. And I can't even muster anything NEAR good enough adjectives to express how blessed I feel. It's just... everything is GREAT. 

I hope you all have a glorious weekend, my church starts at 9 AM now. Which will be HARD, but nonetheless, good for me. But anyway, have a lovely day! 

    Reille K. 

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