Saturday, January 12, 2013


Yeah, I have been and will be a smidge absent for a bit. I've just been busy and dealing with my car hating me a little bit.

But, have no fear, loyal blog readers (ha! Just kidding, I know there are a few.) I will be back. I'm actually working on a legitimate post and writing it down and things and everything before I put it up. Which, is quite the deal, since I usually just open a new post and vomit a bunch of words into the text box through my fingers and call it good (not saying that's a bad thing, it's my preferred form of communication). But this post is a little closer to the heart for me, and I want to get it juuuuuust right. And that doesn't always happen for me when I am word vomiting.

So anyway, I'll try to be punctual and responsible with my in-the-works posty post. It'll probably be the next one, unless something BIG happens. Which... I don't really expect anything major... so...

        Reille K.

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