Sunday, December 30, 2012

More temple adventures and a Sunday thought.

Sooooo, once upon a yesterday, Danielle and I went to the Draper temple and did baptisms for the dead. We've made it our thing to go somewhere OTHER than the Timpanogos temple. Not that the Timpanogos temple isn't great, but it's cray busy. Always. Plus, it's a nice, refreshing change to go somewhere else. 

We began our journey at the gas station. I had enough gas, but I can guarantee that we always get lost. We never get directions beforehand. Getting lost and finally finding the temple just adds to the adventure! And it's a nice little accidental metaphor. Think about it. :) Anyway... 

We only got a little lost... and we only made it slightly more complicated than it needed to be. We just took a few wrong turns, and had to flip a few u-turns. It's fine, we made it there. And per usual, they gave me the wrong size of jumpsuit. YES, I AM SURE I WANT AN XL. IT'S THE SAME SIZE I WEAR EVERY TIME I GO. Not to be rude or mean or whatever. The temple workers are great. But, I was sure. Not the point... We changed and had to be directed every which way every five seconds, but it was still really nice. We sat in the chapel looking into the font while these two girls did about a million and a half family names, and I felt so peaceful and great. Which was a nice change from this last week. 

We eventually made our way through all the steps and into the font, and the guy who baptized us said, "Thank you for coming tonight, Sister, you could be out having fun but you're here making people happy." Adorable. It was only about 6 pm, and we did do things afterwards, but it was still super cute. 

We were driving home and Danielle informed me she had never been to Ikea, so we made that happen. We got lost in there as well. Spent a good two hours there. Delicious chocolate, by the way. It's definitely going to be a staple purchase every time I go there, even though I don't go there very often. 

We spent the rest of the night eating dinner and spending time with some girls from high school. I had never actually hung out with any of them before, but I had a really great time. Even though we kinda crashed their night (sorry... kind of). Overall, it was a really good evening, even though my bestie moved away. :)

Sunday thought

Today, our speakers in Sacrament spoke on The Atonement. Now, to me, this subject seems like one of the most basic principles of the gospel. It also seems to be one that a lot of people either don't really understand and/or utilize. 

The speaker mentioned how Jesus chose to suffer for all our pains, afflictions, sickness, sorrows-- all the goods, bads, and uglies in each and every human's life that received a body on this earth. He chose to bear the pain of every child birth ever, he chose the pain of every person getting their wisdom teeth out, he chose to go through chemotherapy with every person that needs it. He chose all the broken bones, burns, cuts, period cramps, torn ligaments, scraped knees, stubbed toes. He chose all the break-ups, deaths of loved ones, failed tests, yelling in frustration at life, sorrows and turmoils of Every. Single. Person. that has EVER walked this earth. Ever. He chose all of that, FOR US. He suffered the pains and afflictions and sorrows for everyone-- past, present, and future. Have you ever thought of the magnitude of that? Because that is a hecka ton of people. 

Anyway, I hope all of you have a lovely Sunday, whether of the religious type or not. :)

        Reille K. 

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  1. You didn't crash our night at all! You made it BETTER! :) Loved it :)


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