Thursday, February 28, 2013

"She's the Master..."

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this on here, but my grandma is FREAKING BOSS at quilting and all things domestic-y and sewing related. Like, for reals. She's literally The Master in my eyes. Anyway, she quilted a Temple quilt for each and every grandchild (26 in all, I believe) and for those who aren't churchy and such, she did like... wedding bands or something in the middle. I don't remember, there were only a couple. But, mine was finished recently, and I have been thinking about it tonight since I helped my mom put on the LAST of them tonight.

I picked a temple, it's usually the one you get married in, but in my case, I picked the Timpanogos Temple. I could get married in it, but, if not, that's cool too. I do want to get married there though, because that's the temple that my family was sealed in. So, sentimental value, and we all know how big I am on that.  I know there are a few people out there that I have talked to about my quilt and they wanted to see it. I've had pictures of it for FOREVER, but I always forget to put them up on all the social medias and such. So, here they are!

Here's the entire thing all laid out, the back is gray. Also, it's a queen sized quilt.

Here's the edge and filler pattern. They ended up copying mine for the last one, since that particular cousin didn't really seem to care. And, it's super simple and easy. Most of them and especially the early ones have crazy flowers and leaves and all that kind of business going on. Which, is really pretty, but this particular edging really caught my eye.

Here is the temple itself. And she writes the name of the temple, the humans, and the year on there. Obviously some of that will be added later in my case. I really wanted my grandma to write it herself so it would be in her handwriting, but the sly fox had my mom write it and quilted it real quick. Ugh, she kills me. ;) And you can obviously see the name sectiony is a little crooked, but honestly? It's freaking hard to made it straight because most of the time we forget to write it when we're marking so we do it after it's on and it's just a struggle.
It is just, absolutely gorgeous. And I love it a lot. I feel like most of my family just stores it away, but I fully plan on making/getting/finding a big huge shadowbox to put it in so it doesn't get dusty and that baby will definitely be a show piece in my house when I get married. I'm so proud of it already!

It's really special, because you know that in every single teensy tiny stitch there is some of my grandma's love in there. And there are a hecka ton of stitches, because my grandma gets like ten stitches to an inch! Most of you probably have no frame of reference for that, but just trust me, it's pretty pro of her. SO, that's a lot of love in one quilt. Anyway, just thought this would be a cool thing for me to share with you guys. :)

I hope you have a lovely day!

     Reille K.

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