Saturday, February 2, 2013

25 things about me.

Not tagged... but doing it anyway... because I can. 

1) My vice in life, is chapstick. My go-to is Blistex Medicated Mint, but I also like to try different ones. I have... seven? going right now. 2 of them are Blistex... 

2) I'm obsessed with quotes. I think that you can learn A LOT about a person from the quotes they like and share and pin on pinterest and things like that. Because people will like a quote that says something that they never want to talk about. Or conveys an emotion they want to forget or have or want to have. It tells you their deepest desires and interests without them even knowing. 

3) I collect salt and pepper shakers. I literally fawn over them when I see ones that I like. I'm ridiculous.

4) I also keep all my movie ticket stubs. I have a "Movie ticket Journal" and glue them all in and the like. 

5) I've always secretly wanted to be in a show choir. I think they are amazing and I just... love them. Part of why I love Pitch Perfect so much...

6) I just don't understand drinking and smoking and doing drugs. I don't UNDERSTAND it. It's not even because of religion or anything like that. I just don't see the appeal. Plus, I hear it doesn't really taste all that good anyway...

7) If I weren't LDS, I would be covered with tattoos. For reals. I'll do a post on it soon, I've been collecting data... :)

8) I love writing letters. I think hand-written letters are a GREAT way to communicate, and wish that more people used them as a form of communication. They are so much more personal and you can visibly see the care that person has for you. 

9) Aquatic animals... Love them. I have a Dolphin pillow pet named Charles and a Shark "Pee-Wee" pillow pet named... Sharky (how creative, I know) and I also have a pillowcase with colorful whales all over it. They all live on my bed. And Clayton has been involved in ALL of them. 

10) I hate country and rap music. And ska, emo, screamo, etc. and all that nonsense. It's just not my thing. It never has been and it never will be. Sorry. 

11) Dr. Seuss is one of my heroes. I absolutely love him. I think he is HILARIOUS. And I fully plan on decorating my nursery in Dr. Seuss and owning every single book he has ever written. Did you know he has one for adults? I can't remember the title, but I found it at the library today. 

12) I am a bookworm, through and through. I went to the library today for one book. I walked out with SEVEN. And that was me practicing will power. It's ridiculous, but so healthy for my brain! 

13) I'm painfully white. Like, if I am outside for over maybe 20-30 minutes with no sunscreen on, I'm burned. Like, it'll take a few days to wear off, burned. My insane skin is the ONLY thing I dislike about my heritage. And even then, I don't really care that much, I just hate the sunburns! They are so darn painful. 

14) Baths. Ooooh, I love them! I take one almost every single night, no matter how late I get home from work. They are the best. 

15) I almost always have cold fingers and cold toes. I guess my circulation is sub-par?

16) I have two of a lot of things in my bedroom. Two mirrors. Two dressers. Two lamps. Two pairs of scissors. I'm weird.

17) I buy notebooks/journals ALL the time. Especially when I don't really need them. I just have a billion on hand at any given time. Paper never goes bad, guys! 

18) After a month, I still miss my dog almost every single day. I feel like the house is MUCH too quiet without him huffing and puffing his way around. And I just, I miss him. He was around for more of my life than he wasn't. 

19) I love antiques. A lot. Most of my room decorations are antiques, actually. And salt and pepper shakers... 

20) I may come off as a really crazy, friendly person... but I'm really shy. And painfully weird. I found the perfect description of me on pinterest, and didn't realize I was an introvert until I saw it. 

21) I'm in the nursery in my home ward... but I really want to leave and go to a single's ward. I'm just working up enough courage to make it happen. 

22) I've never been asked on a date or been kissed. I went to ONE boy's choice dance in high school, with my gay best friend. I was actually his unintentional beard...

23) I have an irrational love for my hair. It's REALLY hard for me to do anything more than a trim. The last time I legitimately CUT my hair, I cried for three days. But, I'm thinking I'll give it another go. I need a change, and this is something I can completely control at the moment... Plus, my ends are getting a little nasty. And... it'll always grow back... right?

24) I day-dream about meeting "famous" people in everyday life and not totally fangirling and falling in love with them and such every day. It's usually the same few people, but that's going to be kept secret. And by "famous" I mean, legit celebs and YouTubers. 

25) I really wish I had kept up with ceramics or something. I made a few really really cool/good pieces in high school. I think it's something I could be really good at if I put enough effort into it. I really took that class and that time for granted. 

Well, there it is! I don't feel like taking a picture for you guys right now... so you get this oldy but goody! I think this was... maybe a few years ago. Like.. tenth grade? Gooooooood times. 

     Reille K. 

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