Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Addressed to myself.

I *should* be in the shower at the moment, getting ready for work. But, I'm not. Obviously, Reille... I finally remembered that I wanted to write this post and I have the pictures on my computer and ready to use now! So, I thought I'd best get it done right here, right now. 

Once upon a time, I'm not sure if I told you about this, I'm obsessed with notebooks. If I see one I like that is reasonably priced, I buy it. If I see one I like that's on sale? OHHH, I pounce on it like the last piece of cake in the cafeteria (that's a thing, right? I never ate cafeteria food on a regular basis). 

Well, about... maybe a month ago? I bought this guy.

Ugh, I suck for not rotating it, but I'm both too lazy and in a smidge of a hurry.  My apologies. 

 Cute, right? I've never been much of a lime green person, but this one is a bit softer than the average lime green product and I liked the feel of the cover. I also don't usually buy ones that are standard notebook size, going for ones I can fit in most bags/purses. But this one, I HAD to buy it. It was on sale at Cotton On, and I bought a few notebooks that day. I had a purpose lined up for the others pretty quickly, but this one sat there for a long while. BUT! One day whilst surfing Pinterest, I found a list of books that every girl should read in her mid-twenties or something of the sort. And one of the books was a book of letters that famous people wrote to their former selves. PERFECT. 

So, I'll be writing my advice and such for common instances that have happened to me. I'll essentially be writing them "to my former self" but in actuality, I'm really writing to my kids so that I can someday pass it on to them and they can use it/love it/hate it. We'll see. 

I also ordered the book that I mentioned above for some inspiration, and as a good read. The earliest arrival date is today, which is what jogged my memory on this post. I've already got a few subjects that I plan on writing about, and I'm reaaaally excited about this. 

Hope you all have a lovely day! 

    Reille K. 

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