Sunday, February 3, 2013

And the Weekend was my cure.

So, we all remember that one post where I ranted about all my woes and frustrations. Well, friends, someone read that and came to my rescue! 

Good old Package Deal, I've told you about her once maybe twice, I believe. We grew up together and the likes. Anyway, she texted me whilst I was napping yesterday, mostly because I was bored and less because I was tired, which was weird. And she asked what I was doing that night. I didn't particularly have any plans, so I was VERY glad she texted me. Because that text meant that she wanted to go to the TEMPLE!!! It's our thing. We go to the temple together (we've gone to a different one every time, since we live in Utah Valley and we have about a billion and a half temples within MAYBE an hour, tops) and catch up on life and talk about things that are stressin' us out and making us crazy on the way there. We go in and sometimes have to be directed as to where the baptistry even is (most times, actually). And eventually we make it there. We are ALWAYS struggling. For reals, it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes, but it's fine. Then, when we come out of the temple we talk about the awkward moments that we inevitably had, the sometimes cute boys that were there that we were trying not to think about, our struggles in the font, and our likes and dislikes about the layout, architecture, various colors of furniture and wall papers in the temple. And it is GREAT. I was so SOOO glad Danielle texted me yesterday. It was one of those moments where she fulfilled a prayer that was literally only in my heart and I felt like she knew me better than anyone right in that moment. 

South Jordan Temple, which is SOOO gorgeous. Our temple of choice for last nights adventure. 
Afterwards we went to Wafflelove, a food truck that drives around the Utah Valley-ish area that sells gourmet waffles (obviously). It was my first time, but Danielle had been there before. 

We both got the special, so it was only $5. They are a bit pricey, but I guess that's what you get for it being gourmet food truck food. It was a belgian waffle stuffed with chocolate sticks with a big scoop of cream on top. I forgot to take the picture BEFORE I spread out my cream so... 

It was delicious till the last bite. Yummmmmmmm. 

We went back to my house intending to watch Pitch Perfect because Danielle had yet to see it. Which, is what we did LAST time we went on a temple adventure, and we came home to my parents and brother and sister-in-law already watching it! This time, we came home to my parents and grandma watching it. I swear, they only watch it when Danielle comes over to watch it. Haha! But this time, I just started it over, since they were all on their iPads anyway. 

This post is getting a bit long, but I have something else to share with you guys. It's more of a newsy type of thing. So, make sure to check out the next blog post as well! :) 

    Reille K. 

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