Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"If you wanna be my lover..."

"ya gotta get with my friends! Make it last forever, friendship never eeeeeennnds!" 

Happy Pre-Valentines Day from this lonely little sap!

Today I thought I'd share with you the ways to win my heart. Since, you know, I have males knocking down my door trying to win my affection and all, right? Heh. Not really. 

These aren't in any specific, particular order. I just wrote things down as I thought of them. And there could easily be other ways, but, as I've yet to experience the whole spectrum of the dating scene and the likes, I could love/hate something and have no idea! 

1- be creative/crafty in SOME way. 
    I went on a date with someone from high school and we went to Color Me Mine. Oh. This kid. He picked a penguin coin bank and... it was just... awful. I realized then, that I definitely needed someone who could at LEAST make something from a place like Color Me Mine look decent. Sorry if you're reading this... but I don't think you would. 

2- be musically inclined somehow. 
    Whether they sing, play an instrument, or simply just ENJOY music (for the enjoyment one, it's preferable to like the same kinds-ish as me...) Music is a relatively big part of my life, so, it makes sense. I'm almost always listening to, humming, singing parts of songs. Plus, I really like musical-esque movies. 

3- Have a British accent? I'm all yours. 
    Seriously though. It just, it gets me. 

4- watch girly "chick flicks" with me sometimes. 
    Not ALL the time, but, I would like it if they didn't complain about it every time I even mentioned/suggested it. We'll see. 

5- act silly with me. 
    For reals, I get a little crazy sometimes and can be pretty darn silly. Just accept it and involve yourself. (this one really goes for everyone I come in contact with...) 

6- love the gospel. 
    I've always tried to convince myself that it's not a big deal if I date a few guys that aren't part of/don't identify with the gospel. But... it is a big deal to do that. And I can find someone that fits all my other hopes and wishes in a guy AND loves the gospel. He's GOTTA be out there somewhere. 

7- be the same with me as you are with your family and friends. 
    I don't want that awkward-ness where we hang out with his friends or I meet his family and I feel like I don't even know him. Like, what? 

8- have SOME sense of style/well-groomed. 
    honestly. Don't be a hobo. Just don't. 

9- accept my utter weirdness. 
    half the time, all the words that come out of my mouth literally make zero sense to anyone but me. I find myself having to explain my thought process MUCH more than the average human. Just... think of it as adorable and an endearing quality? :)

10- trust me. 
    Oh, how I love it when a guy "gets naked emotionally" to quote Glee. It's so great to be around people who trust you with their innermost thoughts and feelings. I find it to be the easiest way to get to know people, because THAT'S who they are.

11- accept my family and friends as your own. 
    Yes. My family is always going to be in the picture. My bestie is always going to be in the picture. If you don't like them... well... there will be an issue. Guaranteed. 

I wish I didn't have a weird number of things like eleven. It's really going against my OCD tendencies to make lists in increments of five. But, I'm leaving it. Posting this and never looking back (so to speak, I could go back and read it again). 

I hope you enjoyed this weird(ish) little list. Have a lovely Valentine's Day! 

    Reille K. 

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