Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

I have to work tonight... that will be interesting. But at least the store is closing at 9:00pm! And our executives are going to try their best to get us out as close to 9 as they can. It'll really just be a matter of guests that won't get out. So if you happen to be at Target tonight when we close... please leave as super quick as you can! So we can get home to our families. :) 

Also, this is my 99th blog post, and I already have the 100th one basically done. It'll be a good one! Obviously it's about Clayton... :) I'll explain why that's an obvious topic in the other post. 

And, *drum roll* I'm getting my wisdom teethies out the day after tomorrow! 8 AM SHARP. AHHHHHH! I'm so ready for this. I'm ready for the week or so of pain. I'm ready to not have to worry about how quickly I'm chewing so as not to cut the insides of my cheeks. The week or so of pain is going to be so worth it. Also, I'm sick of trying to floss back there and keep things really clean, because if I don't then I could develop a cavity and lose one of my permanent back molars! And I don't need none of that! 

Also, one more sleep until Christmas! I have been suppressing the crap out of how excited I am for Meg's present. I've been told it's Harry Potter themed... and we all know how much I love that. But, the excitement is coming out. And, we're also going to see Les Mis tomorrow night, and WOOOOOO am I excited! Gahh! I love me some Hugh Jackman. Did you know they're making another Wolverine movie? Oh man, I found out at work one night and I'm pretty sure a lot of the newer people think I'm certifiably crazy now. it's cool, I kind of am. 


Merry Christmas everyone! 

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