Wednesday, December 5, 2012

this is real life...

Guys. It happened. I bought a car. 

Meet Albus. Isn't he gorgeous?

At first I named HER Florence. 

But then I went on a crazy Etsy splurge (there's a REASON I never go on Esty) and I bought a Deathly Hallows decal and then I was like, what am THINKING?! Of course I'm going to name my car after a Harry Potter character. Of course Albus is the best choice. Of course. 

I bought him on Saturday. From this little place called Granite Peaks Motors on State Street in PG. It was magical, guys. Mike was SO nice (that's the guy I bought my car from). The girls at America First were SO nice (that's where I got my loan from). I just, had the BEST experience. 

I still can't believe he's MINE. All mine. 

He's my baby. 

MY baby. 

Since you guys could be first time car buyers in the future...

5 essential things you need when buying a car:
1- A Co-signer if you are a credit baby and have none.
2- Social Security Card and ID for both yourself and your co-signer.
3- Proof of Income/Proof of Employment. In other words, your last pay check stub (or last two, to be safe.)
4- Your employer's phone number! This one is a little less essential, but still handy. I used mine. 
5- Support System. Bring someone with you. Maybe even have someone who is a third-party outsider with no personal interest in the matter. Have someone mechanically gifted look at the car and drive it a little to make sure it's not halfway broken or anything. 

Really helpful. 

Always nice to have ALL your junk in order. 

I've put this post off for far too long. 

I should have done it the second I got the car. Or at least the day.

But I didn't. 

I've been putting off a lot of writing lately. 

Such as writing to Jordan. Who I really need to write to.

I just... haven't known what to say. 

I don't know how to phrase what I know I want to say.


There's my big news for now! 

Still can't believe it.

       Reille K. 

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