Tuesday, December 11, 2012

just call me quirksy.

I've done one of these before... kind of. But for some reason, I've felt the need to tell you guys about this every time I do it lately (which is, at the very least, once a day. Sometimes more).

Every time I open an Internet window, I have THREE tabs.

The first tab- Facebook. Even if I JUST checked facebook on my phone (which is almost always the case) I have to do it. I don't always look at it again right away, but I go back to it later.

The second tab- First, I check my emails real quick then come here! To my blog! And I check to see if anyone has left any comments and read any new posts from blogs I follow and all that lovely stuff. Then I write a new post if I feel so inclined.

The third tab- Pinterest. Always. I spend forever and a day on there for a while and check facebook every so often (mostly when I notice that I have a notification) and just feel so worthless because I'm not creative. Jusssssssst kidding, I'm a pretty creative lassy. I just... sometimes have the skill level of a wombat when I'm trying to make something really cute/pretty/mostly presentable. And then when I'm doing something I don't really care all that much about, it's like I'm freaking Martha Stewart. *sigh* Se la vie.

Other quirks...

I'm really paranoid about tea and which ones I can drink without breaking the word of wisdom ... so I just don't. Ever. At all.

I always put my left sock and shoe on, then my right. Not sure why, it's what I've always done.

I ALWAYS have Blistex Medicated Mint Chapstick with me. At all times. One time I didn't and I hated myself. I made the person I was with go to a makeup store so I could "test" some lipgloss or something.

On Thanksgiving, I eat my turkey with whipped cream on it. Every year. And people think that's absolutely disgusting. Well, it's not. It's freaking delish. Salty sweet, homes. Try it. Also, olives and whipped cream. Yumtastic.

Well, I've run out of readily available quirks in my brain, and I need to go pick up my sister because we're hanging out. So... I'll do another one of these real soon. Maybe. Until then...

       Reille K.


  1. You & your blistex. Pretty sure I picked that one up from you.

    1. Serious? Sorry about that. I mean, it's great for the overall health of your lips, but can be a little much sometimes. ESPECIALLY when somehow you don't have any with you and you literally feel like you are going to die if you don't get some PRONTO. Then again, I've had this obsession since 2nd grade, so it might not be AS bad for a newbie. :)


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