Sunday, October 28, 2012


So, I have this ring that I got this past summer at the Payson Scottish Festival (which will forever be a tradition now, just sayin'). 

There it is! It cost me a whole... $15, I think. And I wear it EVERY. DAY.

See that symbol right in the middle there? I don't think you can miss it. The symbol is pretty much the whole ring. ANYWAY. I've actually had a lot of people ask me what it means. And I honestly had NO CLUE. I think the only suggestion of it's meaning that I remember is the symbol for wind. All this got me thinking... If I'm wearing this symbol around all day erryday, I should probably be sure it's not some crazy celtic fertility symbol, right? So I looked it up. I just googled "Celtic Symbol Meanings" and found a page with pictures and meanings of a whole bunch. At first, I only saw my symbol as the bullet point for the list. But then on another page of that website, I FOUND IT!!! 

My symbol is called a Triple Spiral (how fitting, right?), and it represents the drawing of the three powers of maiden, mother, and crone. It is a sign of female power and especially power through transition and growth. 

My first thought: Wow, cool. Then I was like, what the heck does 'crone' mean?

Crone: A withered, witchlike old woman. 

So, really, this ring is magical. 

Because, I got it JUST after I had started working at Target. (transition and growth)
And right around the time that I started having issues with Chelsea. (transition and [eventual] growth)
And right around the time that I began getting over my limbo after high school stage. (transition and growth)
And I started really growing up at that point too. (transition and growth)

And guess what? After all that transition and growth, I feel like I came out on top and better than ever. Female power! I mean, I'm not saying that this is ALL because of a symbol on my ring. NO. I had plenty of Heavenly help, and I know it. But, I think my subconscious somehow KNEW about the ring. And even though I had no clue, it was giving me a little added strength to see that there every day. My angels were there with me through it all, and I'm POSITIVE they knew what the symbol meant. Especially because I bought it on a day that was spent celebrating my heritage and my culture as a Scot. 

I feel like most of that is just a crazy little ramble and doesn't make much sense, but you get the picture. 

I made changes in my life. And I took charge of it. And I took charge of my relationships. I stopped being "the victim" and got over my fears. My fears of growing up, of changing, of losing people I love. I had POWER through this TRANSITION. And I had GROWTH. Lots of it. 

I guess, it was just really cool that it all happened to start when I bought this ring. And that the symbolism behind the ring is so fitting to my life and what was going on in it at that time. 

Like I said, MAGIC. 

       Reille K. 

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