Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music expresses what words cannot sometimes...

I just have two songs that I'm really connecting with right now. 
             *They pertain to two different people. 

This guy pertains to the recipient of that letter I told you about.

This one... I don't really want to mention who it's about... But I think you can guess! I'm going back on what I said (slightly) about not being able to talk about boys on here anymore. Well, this is as good as it'll get for now! 

Plus, these are both really good songs. 

I'm actually really hipster about He is We.

I saw them live when they were still un-famous and I'm really proud of that.

She helped me decide which of their band shirts I was going to buy.

And wished me a happy birthday, because I saw her on my 16th.

So technically, He is We played for my Sweet Sixteen.


            Reille K. 

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