Sunday, October 14, 2012

Package Deal and Temple Adventures

Yesterday, I went on an adventure with my package deal! I'm almost positive that I've explained the package deal to you before... so... I won't explain again. Danielle and I have been meaning to go to the Temple and do baptisms for FOREVER and a day. Like, we've been trying to do it for a few months and it just hasn't happened. And we finally got around to it! (I know, it's awful that it took us forever to get to the temple. I KNOW.) 

As great as baptisms are, just on their own, Danielle and I wanted a change, or rather, an ADVENTURE. So we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple instead of the usual Timpanogos. Well, we didn't think to get directions there. So, naturally we just drove on the freeway until we thought we were in the right city and just drove towards the temple. Luckily, this temple is literally set on a hill above the city and it wasn't too difficult. 

It was nice to go to a temple that wasn't busy. AT ALL. We literally didn't have to wait for anything (oh pause, we had to wait for about three minutes to do confirmations, but in comparison, it was nothing), and they thanked us for coming A LOT. Which caught me by surprise. I mean, they always thank you for coming, but I'm pretty sure every single person thanked us, some more than once. And there was a lot of hand shaking that I had never experienced before. It was just... it was amazing. One of the BEST temple experiences I've had. Also, they give you SOCKS to wear! Maybe it's just been that long since I've gone and everywhere does it, or they are the only ones, but Danielle and I were really excited about them. They were the no-slip grip kinds too! 

We finished in record time. As in, with the drive, getting lost a little bit, and the actual time spent in the temple, it still took less time than going to Timpanogos. And then we saw super gorgeous, craftsman style homes when we were in the parking lot and we went to find them. Basically, we are moving there someday, even though we're sure that they are EXPENSIVE. I also ended up going to the bathroom in the model home/ office place. HA! It was GORGEOUS inside. Like, insanely so. And I'm sure the guy was really disappointed that that's all I wanted. Sorry! Then Danielle discovered Fish Hook Road, which we obviously had to take a picture by. 

It was really windy too, by the way. :)

We decided that we were going to go to City Creek Mall, too. Since I had never been (I did A LOT of new things this weekend), and it was a BLAST. We went to Temple Square too, since we were there. Always a pleasure. We had crazy makeup put on us at Sephora (it was great since neither of us brought makeup to the temple), and we got matching bows at Forever 21 (which were $1.92 with tax, which I guessed a penny off! I also got a really cute necklace and a slouchy beanie for winter! Yay!) and ate delicious Asian food. We compared the prices of clothes between Anthropologie (really expensive) and Forever 21 (not even CLOSE to expensive, really) and we both pined and lusted after big, comfy sweaters and neither of us ended up buying any. We couldn't find our way back to the freeway and just generally got lost a lot. It was a FANTASTIC day spent with my package deal. And I absolutely loved it. 

Friday night went well, for those of you who care (and even knew about it). Princess Bride was a good movie, I enjoyed it. But I think the highlight was playing the Logo Game (which is really fun guys, even if it makes me crazy because I love it when I actually know the answers). I gained two new friends, and spent time with an older new friend. And I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. :) 

     Reille K. 

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