Thursday, October 11, 2012

I had a really good title for this post...

But I've completely forgotten it since I thought of it a few hours ago. *stank face* I hate it when that happens. I sometimes feel like I should CONSTANTLY be writing down the thoughts in my head to keep track of them for my next blog post. You're probably thinking, "But, you post so often now, how could you forget anything?!" It happens people, okay? ;)

So, remember that letter I sent off on Tuesday? I'm pretty sure it's gotten to the human. It has to have. Either today or tomorrow. And I realized how AWFUL my timing is. I sent it the day before her sister got married. I sometimes hate myself for a few minutes when I think of that letter... but then I remember that I'm better off this way. Anyway, I'm just gettin' a little antsy to see how/if/when she could possibly maybe respond. 

I'm super excited for tomorrow. I'm hanging out with a few people from work, and we're watching The Princess Bride... which I've never seen. I KNOW, it's a travesty. I've heard that about a million times. I get it. Okay? But, I'm fixing it! Tomorrow! I'll probably be a super NERD (did you know that Dr. Seuss invented that word? Did you know about how much I LOVE Dr. Seuss?) and be Instagramming the whole night. Because I'm just that kind of person. We'll see how it goes though. 

My BFF, Clayton, is leaving for New York in 48 minutes. It's only a week, but I'll miss him while he's gone. Let's be real, he's the only person I hang out with (except now I'm hanging out with my work friends!). I just don't want to get lonely while he's in the Big Apple, like I did when he lived in Logan for two and a half months. I hated those two and a half months. A lot. **Disclaimer** Guys, stop it. Clayton and I are NOT dating, nor will we EVER. So quit it. I know what you're thinking. We've already decided that he's my Man of Honor. 

I've felt really scatterbrained this week. It was a rough time at work, a rough time at home, a rough time in my brain. I don't know what my deal has been. And today, I got really frustrated with it, and may have been a little (a lot) less pleasant than was called for. I hate it when I get like that. So, my apologies. It's just been a ROUGH week. (I overused "rough" in this paragraph, I'm too lazy to bring up another tab with right now) 

I'm going to the temple on Saturday with my package deal human! We have always kind of been a package deal. Ward stuff? Danielle and Reille are always together. Always. Don't even THINK about splitting us up. Astronaut? Ha! Sometimes we even have the same brain. The seminary teacher who came to our stake's graduation? He was mentioning some of the kids he'd had as students, and he talked about Danielle and I like a package deal, even though we didn't have him at the same time. THAT was really great. Anyway, I'm super excited for Saturday. It's been MUCH too long since I've gone to the temple. And I feel like it has come at the perfect time that Danielle and I FINALLY have a solid plan to go. We've been trying to do this since... July? Only two and a half months later... :D Eeeeeee! 

I guess that's the mostness of what I wanted to say... But here's a picture/quote that I feel summarizes my whole state of mind this week. 

I NEVER would have imagined myself where I am a year ago. I never could have imagined the that people I have in my life now, and the people who are no longer there would be the ones that they are. It's been quite the year. 

          Reille K.

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