Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday #3

Aye, what a week already! 


-Took my grandma to get testing and surgery today for some skin cancer spots. We got there at 8 AM and didn't get home until like 4 PM. OH MY LANTA, GUYS. 

-It was such a long day. 

-I think my aunt is uncomfortable with how old I am because I'm responsible enough to take my grandma to have surgery and all the stuff that goes along with that. Which is fine, I'm uncomfortable with it myself sometimes. Maybe uncomfortable is the wrong word. I think it's just weird for her. 

-I just really love KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. Although, it gave me the odd sense of having a numb mouth because I ate them when I had my wisdom teeth out and had numb mouth. Gooood times. 

-Mountain Dew is the nectar of the gods. 


-I have the BEST coworkers. I really do. I was unsure of moving to Instocks at first, but now I know it was the best thing for me. I just, I love them. 

-We had a team lunch today and it was absolutely adorable and so great. I was SAD to leave work. Which, has never happened to me before. 

-I hate myself. I took a nap today and I MEANT to wake up at 3. Nope, woke up at 5. Ugh. 

-Uhh, the response to my "Lahve is Lahve" post is overwhelming. 58 so far people. WHOA. Love it or hate it, it was bold. 

-My parents said I should be careful what I put out there because future employers will probably look at it and it could make them not want to hire me. Well, if they don't want to hire me because of that, then I don't think I would have fit the job anyway. It's my opinion, it's part of who I am. I have never sugar coated anything in my life, for anyone. 

-I'm thankful for the right to free speech... but really. I think it's a pivotal and important right. Since... without it, I wouldn't be able to write this blog or really say much of anything of worth. 


-Target was ALL the levels of crazy today, and I felt like a chicken running around without a head.

-The above resulted in me wanting nothing to do with anyone when I got home. Sorry parents.

-It is a SIN to go to Sonic and not get tots. It's just... no. Get the tots.

-I miss my bestie a lot. And now he's all lovey and in a relationship and I'm really happy for him. But it's hard too, because it's from afar. :(

-I might get to see them (as in bestie and his boy) next week! I hope so! Or... this week, according to when this gets published.

-Ugh, I think I might have to start forcing, FORCING myself to go to ward activities. I just, I'm so awkward...


-Woorrrrrrrrkkuh. It was a madhouse at Target today, being the day before Easters. All the people wanted ALL the things and it was cray. 

-I impromptu-ly re-upholstered a chair today. Turned out GREAT. Shanks Momma!

-Also got a new chest type thing from my grandma. It looks GRAND in my room.

-Went back to Target late tonight and realized that I really miss the girls. :( But yay for Shyloh! Eeeeeeeeee! 

-And staying up late is not something that I can really do anymore either, by the way. It was ROUGH. 


-Happy Easters everybody! 

-Even going to bed at 1 AM, I still woke up at nine. So, cheers to having gotten my circadian rhythm in control! Cheers to Instocks! 

-Church was spectacular today. Just, spectacular. Of COURSE everything was about the Atonement, but it was like, extra amazing for some reason today. Definitely something I needed. 

-Uhhh... what? For reals, what the devil? Something completely unexpected and weird happened today, but I don't really know who to talk to about it or when I can talk to the people I do know to talk to about it. It's just a jumble-y mess up in my brain in regards to my issue. What to do, what to do?

-I'm also super distracted now, even though we're watching Lincoln, which I've only been waiting to watch since December 28th! Gahhh, killer. It's fine, I'll watch it later, we bought it for Easters. 

-We get a movie every year for Easter that has some semblance to Easter. Like, one year we got Eragon, because the dragon is born from an egg. That type of thing. This year we got Lincoln, because he also celebrated Easter. And there's also a big Easter egg hunt at the White House every year and he lived there once. We have really sound logic in my house. Always. 

-An old friend that I didn't really end things on the best of terms with contacted me today. And... we're talking again. Giving things another whirl. It will most definitely be different than last time, seeing as we're both different people and expect different things. It's going to be incredibly weird at first, but hopefully it becomes a bit more comfortable sometime. We're having lunch on Wednesday. Hmm.


-I was EXTRA crazy tired today. Which was weird. And horrid.

-I took a nap. Blech. I hate naps now. Mostly. ...I don't know how I feel about them. Ha!

-I'm ITCHING to paint my room. It's been in the idea machine for a long while, but I'm finally putting things into action a bit more. No worries, there will definitely be pictures when it finally happens.

-I also want to paint all my furniture. Eeeee!

-One of my arms is burning up... what is going on?


-Working until 2pm sucks. I know what you're all thinking, "uhh, no it doesn't". It does when you start at 6:30am and get done with all of your stuff at like, 11:30 and it's possible to get off at noon. It sucks, people. 

-What a day!

-I'm glad I have tomorrow off.

-I'm also glad I get paid soon. And that somehow my money comes in the day before payday. Cheers to direct deposit!

That's mostly it. 

Have a lovely week, humans!

     Reille K. 

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