Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Higher Education and Such...

I just realized today that I don't think I've ever discussed "Higher Education" or, in other words, College on here. Or... University for those of you who are European and cool. ;)

You MAY have noticed, that I'm not in college. Umm, which, is the first and most glaring thing about my life at this point that I never expected. Starting in Jr. High, I started dreaming of college and where I would go, who I would meet, what I would study. I felt like that was where I would finally "discover myself" and be comfortable in my own skin. I was always a pretty studios little lass, and in some cases, most cases, I laugh at myself for it now. Like, I thought that I would go to Stanford. Which, is a really good school and not for the faint of heart. My little 9th grade brain was set on it.

And then I got to my senior year, and it was college day, and Clayton asked where I wanted to go. And... I had no clue! The only thing I knew was that I didn't want to go to BYU (sorry guys, I just don't understand the hype...). So, I just kind of... followed Clayton around to the presentation things that he wanted to go to. And we both liked USU. And we both ended up applying there. And we both got in. And I was rearing and ready to go for about a month before I realized that I was ultra poor and I wasn't getting any scholarships and I had no idea how to make things happen and I wasn't invested enough to figure it out (after like, January, of my senior year, I stopped caring about basically everything. It was a horrible case of senioritis.) So, I was like, ehh, I'll go to UVU and be with Chels and life will be great and fine. But then, after a few weeks of that too, I finally just realized that I didn't WANT to go to college right then. That I just wasn't feeling it. And I had only been making college a thing in my life because I wanted to stay with my best friends. I was doing all of that FOR THEM and not FOR ME. Which, is important. You have to start doing things FOR YOURSELF. That's a life lesson that I've learned since leaving high school.

So, I withdrew from the honors program that I had gotten into at UVU and went on my merry way. I did nothing, absolutely nothing, the first month after graduation. I was dealing with an awful bout of depression and couldn't seem to shake that. Then, I got the job at Target and started to figure myself out. And since then, I have still discovered myself, like I always thought I would at this stage in my life. And I've decided to become a Phlebotomist. And I might stop there, but I might go on to do more too. I don't know yet. And for the first time in my life, I'm not worried about that. Where I'm going to end up, what I'll be doing, who I'll be with. I'm finally okay on my own.

So, this applies to you as well. As I'm sure there are some of you who are contemplating college, or at college, or like me, not doing much other than working right now.

And how it applies is this, if you really just AREN'T feeling the whole college right after graduation, then take some time off! Figure things out! And don't feel bad when it gets to the end of the summer and everyone and their dog keeps asking where you're going to school and you say... "Uhh, actually I'm not... right now..."

If you ARE feeling the college right after high school vibe, cheers to you! I felt really burnt out after high school, so I wasn't in the mood for anything but the school of life at the time. But, if academia is your thang, then go! Be so excited to be there! It will be a good experience and you'll meet SO many new people that you'll like and so many people that you don't. If you aren't quite in those stages yet, I suggest figuring out early where you want to go, how you're going to pay, and all those super fun, super STRESSFUL logistics.

Now, don't confuse my lack of college attendance to mean that I don't support higher education and think that it's important. It is! But, there are a lot more options out there these days than the traditional college route. Which is great! I think if I had gone to college, I would have ended up not loving it as much as I thought I would. But, my five week Phlebotomy course? Perf. Short, sweet, gives me a career of sorts. Love it.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely night! Or day...

     Reille K.

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  1. Reille, I love reading your blog! It makes me miss blogging, and all of the stuff you get to figure out in your own mind when you do it. Also, you've got me looking into phlebotomy myself now! Thanks so much! - Megan Stimpson


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