Sunday, April 7, 2013

GCW Spring 2013

That means, "General Conference Weekend", by the way. 

I love it. I love it even more when I don't have to work. Being able to focus entirely on the gospel for two straight days is GREEEAAAAT. And I enjoy that. I haven't been doing a Tidbit Tuesday for this week, because I got a little lazy. Sorry. So! I'll do a little one for the weekend. 


  • Enh, I'm over McDonald's breakfast.
  • I'm REAADDDY for conference. 
  • It's IMPOSSIBLE not to fall asleep at least once during conference. Seriously. Their voices are just so nice and soothing. 
  • So much sleeping happened today...
  • I should do laundry... I guess I'll make that happen.
  • Uhh, I'm a fatty today and ate two dinners... Yep, that happened.
  • Papa Johns Garlic Butter Sauce stuff is LIQUID GOLD. Not Velveeta. 
  • SNL, it's so great! I need to get into this. 
  • I also need to start watching Psych from the beginning. Seriously. I've been thinking about it for a couple weeks. Or more likely like a month... 
  • Ennnh, I'm just gonna go to bed. No shower for me tonight. 

  • Tradiiitttiooon! Sunday GCW Breakfast. COMMENCE! 
  • I'm READY for conference. 
  • Seriously, It's impossible to stay awake the whole time...
  • Lunch? :)
  • I guess I'll shower... since I feel disgusting right now. 
  • I should really fold my laundry... I'll do it during second session! PERF.
  • Ugh, it only took me less than one talk to fold three loads of laundry... I guess I'll just cuddle in a blanket and probably fall asleep. 
  • Ope, Pinterest it is! Kept me awake. 
  • 40 minute nap after the session ended. 
  • I realized this weekend that I've always regarded the Prophets and Apostles and General Authorities and such as Super Heroes a little bit. 
  • And then I decided to write this, because none of the blogs I follow posted this weekend so I was sad and stuff... And I needed something to do, OKAY. 
  • Also, it rained a time and a little this weekend, and I missed BOTH of them. Ugh. I hate it. Not the rain, but the missing it. 
Well, that's it for now...

K, bye!

Have a lovely week!

     Reille K. 

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