Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wait... what?

Once upon a time, Meg and I went to Target after going to dinner at Kneader's to avoid the home teachers... (shhhhh, don't tell.) And we were there for a thousand years, I spent money on things I didn't need... not right then, at least. And then we got in the car and started driving home. Meg's gas light came on and when she was pulling into the gas station, (we were talking about this kid from work, by the way) these words came out of my mouth, "We should just go back and I could ask him out on a date, right now." What possessed me to say that, I don't know. But! Meg took it and ran with it. She was like, "Yep, it's happening. I'm not taking you home until you ask him on a date." Crap. I felt like I was going to THROW UP (which I couldn't stop saying). But, in a good way. Like, I was so excited and nervous that I just wouldn't be able to hold it in... that sounds really weird, get over it. So we drove back to Target. I had to FORCE myself to get out of the car. He wasn't where I thought he was going to be, so I lost my nerve... Then I was like, well obviously he's going to be in the break room. Duh. I walked in there and basically all the girls from Softlines were in there. No boy. *Whew!* They asked why I was back and I told them. And then that particular boy walked in and they all giggled and I died. And then he went and sat across the room and I couldn't do it with all of them sitting there! So I stood there, talking to them in hushed tones and not being able to do it. And not being able to do it. And then, once all of them left, I just did it. I went over and sat at the table with him. And I just. DID IT. I asked him on a date. I had a bit of word vomit, and don't remember a lot of what I said. But, we decided that the next night (which was last night) would work for both of us. And we exchanged numbers, and I was really awkward. And dorky. And then I left and junk and couldn't make my cheeks turn normal red instead of crazy embarrassed red for the rest of the night.


I sat around most of the day yesterday, besides going to lunch with my Grandma and going to Walmart with my mom (which, by the way, I felt like a traitor and I just... couldn't stand it). And then I picked him up from work and we went on our date. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail for this part, simply because... I'm not like that. It was really great. And I had a really amazing time, even though I felt like a really big dork for like 90% of the night. We went to Red Robin and watched The Hunger Games at his house. And I met his sister and two of her chilluns. And it was fantastic.

He doesn't read a lot, like me. Which is fine. But, I plan on getting him hooked. I've already started a list. And we're going to have a movie list too. And I'm really excited to have a new friend. It's been such a long time since I've gotten to know someone new more by choice than anything else... if that makes sense. Anyway...

      Reille K.


  1. Your blog is hilarious! I can't wait to read it and have a relief from life, to laugh :)

  2. Hahahahahahahaha that is so.awesome. props to the.girl.who asked a boy on a date. If i finally write you a letter will you give me details when you write back? K, that would be awesome :)


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