Sunday, November 11, 2012

All in good time.

Everything will happen eventually. All in good time. With some things, I'm perfectly content to wait patiently for it to happen to me. With others, I yearn each and every day for them to happen. Right now. I can't wait a second longer. 

Unfortunately for me, the things I could wait for, are working themselves out much faster than the things I can't wait for. And while it's slightly annoying, maybe it's for the best. Maybe, for some reason, I'm not quite ready. Who knows? Only God, these days. Since I have no idea. 

Things that are working out? I really know what I'm going to school for. I know what you're thinking, "I thought you already knew what you wanted to do with yourself and go to school for and do with your degree and blah blah blah." Well. I did. And don't get me wrong here, I still LOVE psychology. I still plan on keeping it part of my life. But, my new plan? It's much better. It will challenge me in ways I never thought I would let myself be challenged. And I know I'll have an aptitude for it. I know I'll be great at it. I'll definitely have to practice practice practice. Are you so ready for me to finally tell you what it is? 

*drum roll please...*

Phlebotomy Technician. That's right, I'm going to become a medical vampire of sorts, as my mom has always loved calling it. But let's be real. I absolutely hate that she refers to phlebotomy and vampires in the same sentence. Beside the point... I'm really excited. Here's how it went down.

I walked to the Stake Blood Drive yesterday afternoon, in the foot-ish of snow. Luckily it's always at my building, which is only about a block away. And I went through all the little steps and such, and they all commented on how "fast my flow" was (as always). Then, the girl who was finishing me up... we were talking about my rain boots... and somehow I mentioned that I absolutely love giving blood. Like, it's literally one of my absolute favorite things to do. And she was like, "Oh my gosh, me too! That's how I started out, and I realized that it was super easy to become a phlebotomist. You should totally do it!" And I pondered on that a bit as I meandered on home. I paused to jump in a slushy puddle of melted snow because the girl convinced me that I had to be sure my boots were puddle jumping safe (they are). And I realized that I could totally do it. Even though the thought of sticking needles into people kinda, really, super freaks me out... I could get used to it. And then, think of how many lives I would be helping to save?! Mind-boggling. 

Bonus? The course costs a whopping total of $528 including the test. It takes 5 weeks total. 3 hours a day. Monday-Thursday. Also, Meg is going to do it with me! Ahhhhhh! Perfection. We can learn together, study together, and practice on each other! I'm super excited, guys. SUPER. EXCITED. Meg thinks that I'll meet my future husband during the course. Maybe. We'll see. Also, we're both super excited to basically be living in our own real life Grey's Anatomy. No, it won't be exactly like the real thing. We realize that. But, if we end up working at a hospital? It'll be pretty close. Close enough to count. :) 

June 3. As content as I am with where I'm at right now, it can't come fast enough. I'm so ready for this. Is it sad that I want to buy a text book or something of that sort so I can start learning it all now? I won't, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. 

       Reille K. 

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