Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude, Sentiments, and Junk. (part dos)

The second installment of my gratitude posts. I'll be honest, it's coming a lot faster than I expected. It was harder than I thought to think of the first ten. I got to about six and then had to sit there and think, really hard, for quite some time. But once I started thinking about the next ten, I got on a roll and I'm already halfway through the next post! Once you make the effort to recognize your blessings, it's amazing what you'll see. 

11- The Shineys. Now, most of you will have no idea what, or rather, who the Shineys are. It's an all girl group on facebook. A place where you can go to share your sorrows, triumphs, and inspriations, and know that there are 1,101 other girls out there to love and support you. Be excited with you. Be sad with you. Pray for you. And even though I don't go on there ALL the time, and I'm sure it's not nearly as big a part of my life as some of the others, I'm still grateful for it. Because when I DO go on there, I always find something that tugs my heartstrings or makes me smile. Something that reminds me that I'M NOT ALONE. Love those girls. 

12- Literature/Books. I LOOOOOVE to read. Anything and everything (for the most part). I love that I can sit down and read a book and be transported into a different world, different time, different perspective. I love all the knowledge that people have been kind enough to write down for the future generations. I love all of it. Even if I hate it. Because somewhere, someone, loves it. They love it in the same way that I love the literature and books that I love. I have a few books that I love so much, that I've read and re-read them over 20 times. Okay, really, only one book. I've realized lately, that it's truly my favorite book. I've never claimed to have a favorite book because I always felt like I loved too many books. But, I always end up coming back to this book. And I love it every single time, even though I know exactly what's coming. Because what I'm going through each time I read it is different and I take away something different. I just rambled a little bit, but there you go! I'm grateful for literature. 

13- My followers on the blog, and Instagram. As little as it is, I'm grateful when people like the things I post. I'm grateful that for those few minutes or seconds, I've been able to be part of their day, and hopefully bring a smile to their face. I'm grateful that they took the time to listen to me. I'm grateful because when I see the list of people who liked my picture on Instagram, I don't feel as alone in the world. 

14- Other bloggers. They teach me, inspire me, relate to me. I love being able to connect to people through the internet and I love that we all encourage each other to be our best. I love reading other blogs and seeing that I can do something really small for someone else and it can change their entire day. 

15-All the girls I work with. Regardless of if I like them personally, I get to learn something different from each of them. There are a few where I simply learn patience. Lots of it. Because they are just so darn ridiculous. But, I'm grateful for them. 

16- My past. All the humans I've ever known, all the things I've gone through, all the places I've been, words I've said-- that's what makes me, me. If one tiny, seemingly insignificant thing changed, I could theoretically be a COMPLETELY different person. And I like who I've become. I'm grateful for every crappy day I've had, every crappy thing that's been said to me. Because they've made me stronger. 

17- Lotions, chaptsticks, etc. Moisturizing products. Dry skin of any sort is AWFUL. ITCHY. PAINFUL. Chapped lips? I avoid them like the plague. Hence the Blistex Medicated Mint that is almost permanently attached to my pockets (or cleavage on the occasion that I don't have any pockets, one of the ONLY benefits of being busty). Dry skin is pretty much my mortal enemy. I hate it. 

18- My British YouTube friends... who don't know I exist. I just love them. You should really get to know them. I can't remember who introduced me to DailyGrace, but they opened a can of worms. She is my favorite American YouTuber, and watching her every day lead me to fall in love with Jack from JacksGap, Alfie from PointlessBlog, Marcus from MarcusButlerTV, and Caspar Lee from dicasp. I love all of them and I just label them all as "British" because majority of them are. But, I love them. They are fantastic. You should check ALL of them out. And Subscribe to their channels. And just, love them. 

19- A couple specific teachers. Namely, Mrs. Crampton and Mr. Barth. They made such an impact on my life my senior year. They brought out the best in me, always. And definitely helped me become the person I am today. I absolutely love them. I have a constant reminder of what Mrs. Crampton did for me hung in my room, my mosaic. It was a BEAST. But I did it. I completed it. And it was showcased in the senior art show. It's a physical reminder that even if I personally don't think that what I do is all that spectacular, other people can see it. And react accordingly. And Mr. Barth? He's probably one of the only teachers that I am ACTUALLY friends with. Not in a weird way, though. It's hard to explain. 

20- Periods. Yeah, they hurt like HELL most of the time. Like, a million daggers coming from all sides down there. But, they are wonderful. Period=Fertility. It means you can make babies. You can create a tiny little human. You're healthy. It's the best pain there is. And I've come to realize that it's more of a blessing than most people will ever realize in their lifetime. I know this is a weird thing to be grateful for, but I am. This may not be said ever again, but I AM GRATEFUL FOR PERIODS. Also, sidenote that is related. If you're a woman, and you have a smart phone- GET A PERIOD TRACKER APP and USE IT. Know what's happening in your body. Know your cycle. Please. Please. Please! You'll thank me one day. The apps are free. But their purpose and usefulness is priceless. 

Just in case you missed the first ten, those are here.

There you have it. 10 more things I'm grateful for. Once again, let me know what you're grateful for. I love seeing what makes others tick. It's eye-opening most of the time. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 

       Reille K. 

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