Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stuck in a fantasy land? This is where your dreams become a reality!

  Preface: I have a sister, who likes to recommend some books to me. And then I read them. The first six of the bookiness posts shall be about the books that she told me to read. 

I wrote the whole post in lower case, don't judge me. I just felt like it. It was actually a slight struggle for me to keep up but once I decide to do something like that, it's gotta happen. Even if it goes against all the OCD fibers of my being. 

book #1: Austenland by Shannon Hale

Here is a little visual stimulation of le book. :)
     it's about a girl, jane hayes is her name, who is in her... late twenties? i feel like that's how old she is. and she has a not so awesome sort of love life, which her mother tries to make more awesome, but just fails and makes things worse. this jane hayes loves loves loves! mr. darcy from Pride and Predjudice and it's a secret fantasy type love and she watches the movies over and over and all that jazz. anyways, her mom forces her to go to lunch with a super old lady relative because she was "close to death" and she wants to inherit some money from her. greedy much? ;) so the mom goes to freshen up or something of the sort and the not so old lady and jane have a little chat. they talk about mr. darcy or something to hint that she is obsessed and that's that! later on the old lady relative dies and jane's inheritance is a ticket? or something of those sorts to a place called Austenland. it's a place where you go (in england) and live like someone in Jane Austen's books. there are actors and the sort there and there is no technology and stuff. even the attire is jane austen. then romantical type things happen and that's as far as i'll go with that particular sub-subject. :D 

    wells, there is a short little summary in the words of me. my opinion of the book? i really loved it. a whole bunch. i read it on a sunday afternoon and therefore, it's a relatively short book. it moves pretty quickly and keeps your brains engaged in the story. it's very easy to get to that point where you feel like you're in the story, rather than reading the story. like the pensieve in harry potter? just like that. 


    i highly reccomend this book. and i hope that you read it and tell me (in the comment-type fashion, yeah?) how much you either liked or loved or possibly even hated? the book. :) 

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