Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Mice and Men

book #7?: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

So Lennie and George go from farm to farm to work. Mostly because Lennie is mentally handicapped, from what I gather, and just makes mistakes that happen to make other people angry. Also, Lennie really likes to pet soft things and always seems to kill them... oops. So it begins with them on their way to yet another job and George is really just fed up with Lennie by now. But he still keeps him around and looks out for him. They get to the farm and George tells Lennie not to talk to anyone so they don't realize what's really going on. Anyways, there are puppies, talks of dreams, makin' money, and so forth. There is also this really... promiscuous lady who is married and she ends up dead... anyways! There is a commotion and George ends up killing Lennie in the end. Sad day, right?

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book, actually. It was really quite boring, it had an excessive amount of swearing and I just didn't see much of a point to the book as a whole. I slogged my way through it, simply because I had to read four books off the AP reading list for my summer reading or whatnot and it was only about 100 pages. Although, it is a classic and maybe you could get more out of it than I did. Maybe I just missed the message?

P.S. I actually wrote and published this post when I realized that I had put the wrong author... umm, it was only really depressing and made me feel dumb because, well, look at the picture of the book that I used... the authors name is bigger than the title. Oopsie!

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