Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Night Fun!

I've actually read a couple books since Wuthering Heights, I just don't want to talk about them right now. Anyways, last night, well really yesterday. I sat on my couch basically all day, in pain. And so by the time it was getting to hanging out hours, my parents were on their way out to their own shindig and my mom said I really needed to get out of the house. So I texted all my friends that I generally hang out with and some that I haven't seen in months!, and all of them were a) babysitting b) working c) had plans with family. Then LUCAS! texted me back and was free! Super exciting. So I went and picked him up, and then we made our way to Jamba Juice! Weellll, one of those friends that I mentioned before? Worked at Jamba and I didn't even know it! So that was a fun time. Anyways, after we had gotten our smoothies, we went to Windsor Park and were swingin' away! Then we noticed all these NASTY, HUGE beetles. Everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Apparently they are called Cottonwood Stag Beetles and they look like this:
Yuck. Lucas of course was playing with them and I screamed every time they came anywhere near me. What can I say? Bugs are bugs and I especially hate them. There are few bugs that I would ever play with. One of which is the bug  that looks like a leaf! Just like this guy->
Now those, those are cool bugs. Anyways, then we went to the playground and we were pirates for a little bit, then I decided to lay on the bridge and it was a little sprinkle-y. We were both like, enh. It's not bad. Then, all of a sudden, it was like, BAM. Pouring rain! So great. I love the rain! And so of course I walked at my naturally slow pace back to the car! I ended up getting super soaked. No big! We got back to the car and we decided to go back to my house. And then, by the time we got to my house, the rain stopped. lame. So we went inside and watched a "scary" movie. It was Poltergeist, made in 1982. It was more funny than scary and an all around good time. Here's the cover for ya:

     Anyways, good times last night! Just felt like I should blog about it. As my blogging might come in handy some day. :)

P.S. You should definitely watch Poltergeist. Please do.
P.P.S. HAPPY SHARK WEEK!!!!! You should for sure try to get in at least three hours of shark week watching. I would think you're super cool if you watched it as much as I did, but most people have a life. So, no big if you don't. But you should try, sharks are thee most magnificent creatures.
Just look at him! He's so cool! Sharks are so great!

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