Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is just for Arynn.

Look Arynn, do you see me blogging about you? Well here it is.

     Here's the Story:
     Last night, I was gearing up to whip out a few more book posts, when my mom yells down to me, "Will you take Fritz on a walk?" And I immediately said, "No, I don't want to,". But then I felt bad and said, "Just let me pee!". So I quickly urinated and slipped on my flip flops and got a leash. We began our little excursion and Arynn texted me back! to let me know that she could move the feathers that she put in my hair. And I was like, well, I'm here. She lives like two seconds away from me and Fritz and I were right next to her house when she responded. So Fritz was babysat by one of the little neighbors and I went on in to get the feather surgery done. Arynn put them in so good the first time that it took her about 50 unsuccessful tries and like, ten minutes to not get them out of my hair. Then her dad gave it a try, and he got them out eventually and won the contest. Then she got the feathers moved and joined Fritz and I on our little jaunt. We walked around the block and then ended up back at Arynn's to then sit on the grass for a long while. It was a lot of sitting and attacks from her little sisters, but was rudely interrupted by the sprinkler's not getting us wet. Turns out they were the sprinklers in the bushes. But at that point, I was pretty done and Fritz was getting antsy. So we then made our way home. I woke up this morning and gave Fritz a bath and it was then that I noticed all these little red dots all over and billions of bug bites. And I then proceeded to curse Arynn's name for a few seconds. Not that it was her fault at all, but still. I was in her company so she obviously had something to do with it.

There. There you are Arynn. I blogged about you. thend. (the+end=thend.)

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