Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and... Dragons? Oh... my?

book #5: Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary by: Brandon Mull

So, I find these dragons to be a smidge weird-lookin'. But you know, not really my place to say anything. And... that has nothing to do with the contents of the book. So, the gang is led to a place called Wyrmroost. It's a dragon sanctuary, no big. Just a place filled with dragons that paralyze you with fear if you look at them, unless you're a dragon tamer. Which are super special people, by the way. And if Seth and Kendra hold hands, they become one, it's super cool. Which reminds me, in one of the books, I don't recall which one, they go to the Lost Mesa, which is another secret preserve like Fablehaven and recover another artifact. Strange that I forgot that. Anywho, before they go to Wyrmroost, they have to find a unicorn's third horn (they have three throughout their entire life, just a side note) as that's the key to get in to Wyrmroost. The closest one just happens to be the heart of Grunhold, which is where the Centaurs live at Fablehaven, and just a clue, they are all super jerks. They wouldn't let them borrow it, but they got the horn anyways... no spoilers as to how! They make their way to Wyrmroost and have a limited amount of time to get what they need and get out. Kendra meets a fairy dragon (his egg was cared for by the fairy queen... it's explained in the book) and he helps throughout the rest of the series. They make it out alive and they got what they went there to get... which was the key to the artifact at another secret preserve... which I didn't mention... but anyways, crazy things happen towards the end of this book that will just make you crazy.

My recommendation stays the same, I recommend this boooooooooook! The things that go down in this book, are nuts. Romance transpires, friends are lost (lost in the way you lose the keys not lost as in lost forever, I think...) and interesting twists are made in the plot. I seem to be forgetting a lot in my summaries, which is either good, so I don't ruin the book; or bad because you'll get confused because I told you about the wrong things. But I hope you enjoy!

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