Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dark times are among us, my friends.

book #4: Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague by: Brandon Mull

In this book, Kendra and Seth are obviously back at Fablehaven, since that's where all the action is. But this time, something is amiss. Seth is the first to notice that some the the fairies are turning dark and  a few even attack him in the yard. Gradually, more and more creatures of light are becoming dark. All in all, a shadow plague has struck Fablehaven. The creatures are turning evil and they can't figure out what is happening. One night, as the brownies who fix things around the house, turn evil, they basically attack and try to kill all the Sorenson's. They get out and somehow make it to the shrine of the Fairy Queen. Which is the only safe place in all of Fablehaven that can't be harmed or touched by the Shadow Plague. They chill there for a little, and then they develop a plan. Oh! Did I mention that they brought Patton Burgess back from the past? He can only stay for three days, but that's just long enough to cure the shadow plague and for him to get to know the situation and the people who will be fighting the battles that he definitely helps out during, even though he's deader than dead. So, like I said, they hatched a plan, a crazy plan, that definitely worked. And they saved Fablehaven, once again. 

Well, that summary was a little shorter, just because I don't want to give away the adventure. This adventure just so happens to stay on the preserve for the most part, but it's still a great one. I think my recommendation is a little bit redundant at this point, because if you've come this far in the series, you can't stop yourself now. At least, that's my hope. :D But, just for the sake of saying it, I recommend this book! So read it. Now. Go. Read. It's definitely worth it. 

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