Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fairies and other magical creatures? Sign me up!

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book #2: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

It begins with two kids, Seth and Kendra, being shipped to their elusive grandparents house which is in a place called Fablehaven of which the grandpa is the caretaker of, while their parents go on a cruise that was left to them by the kids' other grandparents. From the beginning, there were only a few rules set in place. Mainly, don't go into the forest and... I feel like there was another one that I just don't remember. But the forest rule is apparently the only important one. Anyways! Don't go into the forest. Which you would think is a pretty simple rule, as there is a swimming pool and a fabulous garden to relax in, no big right? Wrong. Seth, is an adventurous young lad and he just absolutely has to go into the forest, then he meets Myrtle, a witch who lives in a shack. Meanwhile, Kendra uses keys given to her by her grandpa to eventually discover a secret journal that says nothing but Drink the  Milk. What milk? You may ask. The milk that is set around the yard and such in pie tins. Kendra of course drinks the milk even though it makes her a little nervous and BAM! The butterflies and other various flying insects are really fairies! AH! Crazy sauce. And other things, like goats? are really satyrs. All the animals appear to be different and more... non-magical looking, unless you drink the milk. It turns out to be milk from a magical cow, named Viola. But anyways, once the kids both find out about the magical-ness of Fablehaven, things get a little crazy. Magical adventures ensue. I won't give anything else away. :)

How's that for a summary? It's not an actual summary, as I left out a whole bunch, because I want you to read the book! There are SOOOO many more surprises that will just drive you crazy. And onto my opinion! I really was a little unhappy with this particular book. I liked the concept, but personally, I could tell it was written for younger readers. I only read the second book because I wanted to see what happened next. So, it was obviously good enough for me to want to know more. I have a friend who also read this book but didn't read the rest of the series, and she said her reason was that she likes reading books that are in her age range, if that makes sense, so she didn't want to go back and read the rest even though I told her the rest was even better. Which I completely understand. I feel the same way about the whole age range thing, but I figured that it might get better and less noticeable, and like I said, I was invested in the story. No reported romance in this book, so if you can't handle fantasy that isn't of the romantic sort, you're out of luck in the first of the Fablehaven books. 

I definitely recommend this book. I think that if you are in the mood for a great series that will take you somewhere else and on a definite adventure this is the book for you!

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