Friday, June 3, 2011

A day of swimming and dancing!

So today I went SWIMMING!!! With Dana! My favorite sister-in-law! (And only sister-in-law) It was a fabulous time and we talked about the greatest things! And, on the insanely plus side, I didn't get another sunburn! Which seems to be happening to me alot lately, so I was pretty proud. The only downside to swimming, is that no matter the length of actual swimming-ness, I'm always always ready for a nap after. :) good thing swimming is mostly a summer type activity! ;)
In other news, I went to the Graduation Stomp tonight! And I wasn't really in the mood to dance my soul away, but still. I had a lot of fun, because I hung out with Lucas' cousin, Brian! Who lives in California, a fact that is slightly depressing, as I think he is a pretty chill guy! Even though he invaded my personal space, just a little. ;) But it's not his fault I have a huge personal bubble! haha. And we slow danced and he told me stories and such. He's fun. :)
So yearbook day! Was so dumb, long story! I had to wait in the fine line TWICE! For something stupid that I paid like ten years ago, on the first day of fine paying. Then I finally got my yearbook, and people signed it, since that's what yearbooks are for! But it was interesting who like, sought me out for me to sign their yearbooks. Unexpected, to say the least.
So, I'm thinking of cutting my hair, but I'm really hesitant to even think about it, because the last time I CUT my hair, I cried for like, three days. It's sort of like a safety blanket for me. And I feel naked when I even put it up! If I did cut it, it would be like, really short. Around my chin-ish. I don't think I will actually do it, because I've been growing my hair out for two years, but still. Just a thought. A maybe.
Well, I think I may be done with this post, as it is currently 1:30 in the a.m. I just figured I would blog with all my caffinated... caffeinated... CAFFEINE-INDUCED energy, as I would hate to awaken my parents at this hour. And I don't have to wake up for school anymore! :D yay!
anywho! thanks for reading my jibber jabber! I hope your night is fantastic.
P.S. I almost forgot! I am quite a fan of this band, The Bigger Lights, and their guitarist, John Kendall Royston, just released two solo songs. And they are fabulous. I am thoroughly impressed! He is fantastic.  

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