Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just your average Thursday.

GUESS where I am right now? Outside. Listening to the rain and thunder. Whilst blogging. This could possibly be thee best idea of my life. I love the rain. So much, that I'm going to name my daughter after it. As well as my best friend. It's a twofer, you see. That name. But it'll be spelled Raen. The middle name is negotiable, I suppose, but I would like it to be victoria. Just because I like that name so darn much! Shall I explain a little? Because if you know me, my best friend's name is Chelsea. Well, her middle name is Rae and like I said before, I love RAIN. Therefore, smoosh two of my favorite things together into a name for someone that I'll someday see almost everyday and I get a THREE-FER out of that one single word. Awesome, right? 
(Oh, in-case any of you are worried about my electricity and the rain, I'm sitting on our covered porch. No big.)

Another thing I feel like I need to blog about would be... Clayton!
He's my best man friend in the whole wide world. He's the person that is myself, but in the opposite sex form-ness. We think so much a like and we love the same things. And I love this kid to death (or really, to life, because if I loved him to death, that would just be depressing). If I could ever not grow up, I would spend my time with him. He is so accepting of all my ocd and loves when I do things for him just because. When I think about how my life would be different had I gone to MV and not Timp, I think of how I prolly would never have met him. How crazy is that?! And then I think about how in another dimension, maybe we aren't friends, and that just seems incomplete. I feel so grateful for his friendship every time we talk, and I can't believe I was that close to not meeting him. If I hadn't been such a germaphobe that one day in Chemistry, we might have never been friends. Praises for H1N1! Long live the Swine Flu! (but not really, that's just icky to want more sickness in the world).

I sometimes feel like my life is severely less exciting than the lives of those other people in the world who are my age, but I wouldn't trade the people in my life for anything. Each of us are a product of all the people around us. If I were to have not met one single person, I could have been an entirely different person myself. 

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