Thursday, October 3, 2013

This One Time I Geeked Out About a Washing Machine...

So, my parents had to get a new washer this weekend because ours was just broke. We had a repairman come and he said there was nothing wrong with it, but obviously there was because we wouldn't have called him? Duh. But my Momma wanted stacking ones, so we just got both. And they're the high-efficiency, fancy pants kind. Cool, no?

Guys, I literally have been sitting in front of our new washer for the past 30 minutes just in awe. My Dad and I were sitting there talking about how great the washing machine is. And how it really works. And how cool it is that it spins your clothes around a few times to figure out how much water it needs and it distributes the clothes evenly and all that jazz. It was the kind of conversation I generally have with my Dad, actually. But we were talking about how they just don't MAKE things the same way they used to, and how people literally sit there and think of newer, better ways to wash your clothes. And how much science goes into WASHING CLOTHES these days. Like, it's not brain surgery, people. But, to some people, this is their life!

Anyway, I've always been someone who looks at things with complete wonderment. Like, I think the DUMBEST things are so insanely cool sometimes. I mean, I just watched my clothes be washed... No, but seriously. I find things interesting, so I learn about how they work and then I generally exclaim, "It's like MAGIC!" Even though what I just learned was obviously very scientific, right? Like, there is no slight of hand or anything. It was literally just laid out right in front of me, and I still think it's magic? I realized something, whilst watching my clothes become clean again. Magic is just the science put into action. Guys, let me just say this again. Magic is Science put into ACTION. Obviously this doesn't apply to everything. Because there are magical feelings, and people, and places. But, you can look at ANYTHING with a sense of wonderment and think it is absolutely magical.

I found my washing machine to be magical, what else can I find to be that way? How would your world change if you looked around with different eyes? Eyes that saw the "magic" instead of the "science"? How would your world change if you looked at it with a sense of wonderment (it's my favorite word this post, sorry guys)? Appreciating the tiniest of things? The most every day things like the sky or the clouds or the little specks of dirt that are left on your windshield after it rains?

I, personally, think that it would change A LOT. Like, our attitudes. Our perspective on social issues. The way we speak to people. ...Just to name a few things. Interesting, isn't it? How all this stemmed from a WASHING MACHINE.

     Reille K.


  1. Remember that one time we went to Unhinged and saw an old fashioned washing machine? It's okay if you don't remember, though. It was, like, two weeks ago.

  2. Yes! And it's dream was to be a fountain? I remember. :)


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