Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Quirksies

These are just some random thoughts or things about me that I thought someone, somewhere could find interesting/funny/stupid. Enjoy!

- I think that the perfect society would be one where we don't HAVE to wear pants and that's completely acceptable. Pants just... they suck. When I'm at home and no one else is, chances are I don't have pants on.

- I hate the word, "Hubby". Is it really that hard to say Husband?

- I feel really cool and awesome that my blood is potentially HALF Scottish. Like, both sides of my dad's family would be Scottish wayyy way back and that makes me like, half Scottish, right? Not really, but kind of, right? I think Scottish culture and heritage and history is really amazing.

- I've worked at Target for a year... so there's that.

- I used to LOVE painting my nails, but for the past like, year and half- two years, I can't stand having my nails painted and only ever paint my toes.

- I really love drinking juice (specifically Grape and Orange) out of mugs. Even better if I have a straw too. 

- Dr. Seuss is my absolute favorite. And I love him as more than an author. I've taken to reading his biographies and such, and he was just a fantastic human being too. So, I love him. And I decided this week that (if my eventual husband is okay with it, that is) I'm going to name my son Theodor. And if I end up with twins that are a boy and a girl, I'm going to name them Theodor and Elenore! I mean, I want both names to happen. So... yeah. But, how cute, right?! 

- I love SWIMMING. Like, acutal, legitimate SWIMMING. Not like, "let's go swimming" and you just stand around in the pool and talk. Not so much that kind of swimming. 

- I really love puppy ears and cuddles. And by "puppy", I mean dogs of all ages... because I refer to all dogs as puppies. 

- I know a little bit about a lot of things, and that's how I like it. It helps me relate to more people and more TYPES of people. 

I guess these aren't all necessarily quirksies, but, it's fine. 


     Reille K. 

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