Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday

So, I have a lot of little tiny thoughts that I always want to share, but they're not substantial enough to create an entire blog post on because they're like, tiny stories that will be a paragraph. And most of them are of no consequence anyway. So I'm thinking that I'll have one post every week on Tuesday, called Tidbit Tuesday (I'm oh so clever, eh? The alliteration!) and just bulletpoint all my little randoms for you. Keep in mind that it could get preeeetty lengthy. Since, you know, I'm trying to have more structure and such... and this will contain it to one day, and since it's the same day, it will still be structured! Ahhh, the greatness! Anyway... Here we go.


-I've now seen the tops of the shelves in the backroom of Target, and it's not really anything I ever wanted to see. I could have died happy without seeing them. But, alas, I had to be trained on "The Wave" in my new position and my Team Lead made me go ALLLL the way up. Blech. It's not that I don't like heights, or are scared of them. It's more the combination of power tools which I'm not so fond of and the heights. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but, I still would never want to work in the backroom or anything and have to use one everyday.

-I've decided to give up naps. I know, right? Who the heck is this girl? I used to be the queen of naps, in case you didn't know. I would literally wake up at 10:30 or 11 and then take a nap at like 2. I took a nap every day in high school and most of jr. high as well. But, now they're starting to make me more tired, which didn't used to happen. Or it did and I was used to it. And I am just befuddled afterwards. Which, is my least favorite. I HATE being befuddled. Confused, I can handle. But no. Plus, what a waste of your day!

-I've also come to hate watching T.V. It's such a chore to watch it now. Like, all my pre-recorded shows. I find myself not being able to wait for the season finale's so I can stop feeling like I have to watch them. I mean, if it's on and I have some time, I'll sit down and watch some t.v. but, ugh, I just can't do recorded shows anymore.

-What is happening to me?! I just feel so grown up and all responsible and I have almost ZERO of the same habits I had like, a month ago? Basically, I've just flip flopped in the habits department. And that's weird.

-I am now fully paid and enrolled and textbooked up and scrubbed up to become a phlebotomist. My course starts June 3rd. And I've totally already started reading the textbook and doing the assignments at the beginning of the chapters. I actually really enjoy reading textbooks for subjects that I find interesting... I know, I'm super weird. One of the guys I work with, his name is Mark, looked at me like I was an alien when I was telling him and another co-worker (her name is Wendi). But hey! By the time I actually get there, all that I'll have left is to learn is the actual sticking in of the needles and things and I will have an advantage!


-I work A LOT now. And while I love working and getting lots more monies, sometimes it's still hard waking up at 5:30 AM.

-Ugh, all the easter candy. It's just so delicious, but, I can't. I just can't.

-Do anyone else's hips get EXTREMELY sore whilst you're on your period? Like, enough to make you feel like a creaky old woman every time you try to move?

-Archer Farms Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies. Ahhgh. So yummy. Go try one, you won't be disappointed.

-What are your go to "On your period" foods? Do you have any? Or does it change with each one?


-Today I saw two dogs roaming on 1600N and I noticed that they had tags on, so I caught them and took them home. Their humans weren't home, so I let them into their backyard and left a note. I hope they stayed! 


- That was my entire Sunday. Literally. My entire day. 

- I was probably the most tired I've been in FOREVER today.

- MIND = BLOWN. Seriously, how have I never looked this up or something before? 


- I've noticed... like as of today, that once I say out loud that I "like" someone I instantly doubt if I really do and in turn start to not "like" them anymore. Although, in the case of today, I really DIDN'T like the person... not really. Only kind of. 

- There are so many things to spend money on! Ugh, why can't we call just be zillionares?! Also, I hate my addiction to notebooks/journals. I just, I love them! 

- Sweet and Sour Chicken = DELICIOUS. 

- Liking people stresses me out, so I think I'm going to stop doing it again for a while. Clayton asked me about it when we went to dinner a few weekends ago and at the time, I hadn't even thought about it. But then I was like, well, why don't I like anyone? So I feel like I subconsciously almost sought out someone to like, who, mind you, is not really my type. I'm over it, even though I just really want to have that experience. It will happen when it's meant to. 

- I found so many cute things at Old Navy today! But, I couldn't buy any of it yet because I have no monies until Friday. :( 

- I am SOOO tired again today, what is going on?

- Lemonade is super yummy. 

- This guy I work with will NOT tell me how old he is. And it was making me crazy. But, I've decided to let it go. And just... pretend like I don't care. Ha! 

- I am REALLY weird. All my co-workers make fun of me. But my brother-in-law  said that it's endearing.


-I suck and my very first Tidbit Tuesday is going to be published on Wednesday instead because I remembered late last night when I was already falling asleep and I finally got warm under my covers and it just wasn't important enough to me. So. Deal with it. :)

K, bye! Love you!
Have a lovely week friends!

     Reille K.

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