Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little gem from the past

I've been organising and such a bit lately and found this little gem from just about a year ago. It was College Writing and our teacher asked us to free write about something we've learned recently or throughout high school or during our senior year. And at this point is when you start getting pretty nostalgic about the whole ordeal (well, at this point... a year ago). I'm not sure why I kept it (oh wait, I'm a pack rat and keep everything, that's why I kept it), but I'm glad that I have these little words of wisdom that are scarily accurate to what actually happened after graduation from my past self. Anyway, here it is...

"I learned that I'm a lot more scared than I thought. I'm scared to grow up and move on. I'm scared to lose all the people that I've grown so close to. Scared that even if I don't lose them, we won't see each other quite enough and somehow we'll forget. Forget all teh inside jokes, late night talks, silly things we did to each other throughout the years. I'm scared of the responsibility that comes with growing up. I used to think it would be the greatest; easy eve, and it's not. It's not easy to lose the carefree attitude. It's not easy to find something you truly care about. It's not easy to LOSE someone you truly care about. All in all, I learned that life is scary, but we can' let that hold us back."

Freaking... like, what? Where did I pull that from? I amaze myself sometimes. I'm no writer, not professionally, obviously. I don't even think that a lot of the words that come out of my mouth have a lot of weight to them most of the time. And I confuse myself. But... looking back on this and reading it again... Whew. Hit me like a ton of bricks... but in the good way? Like, when you're browsing Pinterest and find a quote that just gets ya. That's how I felt when I read this earlier today. And, that was weird, because it came from my brain.

Fun Fact: that class is the one where I discovered that I enjoy free writing and writing of the non-academic style, if that makes sense to you. But NOT academic writing. I hate it. I might even loathe it. I just... the rules are ridiculous. Let me say what I want to say, how I freaking want to say it and in what tense I want. Anyway... that got a bit weird at the end.

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Hope you have a lovely day! 

     Reille K.

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